5 ways to buy bitcoin without KYC verification

Basic facts:
  • KYC approval is not a commitment to use Bitcoin between wallets.

  • Bitcoin is not anonymous, but it does allow you to enjoy a certain level of privacy.



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The Bitcoin network protocol does not require users to share their data in order to make transfers. There are some private platforms that require this type of documentation due to government pressure. However, there are ways and platforms that allow you to buy and sell bitcoins (BTC) without having to comply with KYC policies.

KYC (Know Your Customer) is the process by which a user provides personal information to a company to verify your identity. Although some platforms claim to guarantee data security, they may be filtered online, hacking or misuse. Or maybe the person just doesn’t want their BTC linked to their personal data in order to preserve their financial privacy.

1. P2P exchange platforms without KYC

P2P platforms (peer to peer or person to person) is a fast and automated alternative to buying and selling bitcoins. Nevertheless, It is worth noting that not all platforms are exempt from KYC verification.therefore, we have selected a list of those that do not ask for this requirement.

Some of these platforms allow external payments. That is, the platform will only be a means of transferring BTC, ensuring the successful completion of the transaction. Transaction to non-convertible paper money (such as a bank transfer) will not be visibly linked to the purchase of bitcoins.

All the platforms you will see below, use the dispute resolution systemin which administrators (or automatically when possible) will determine which of the parties is correct.


Payment methods: bank transfers (including Swift and SEPA), various payment processors and other cryptocurrencies.

  • Does it accept Lightning Network?: No.
  • Does it allow you to buy other cryptocurrencies?: No.
  • Do you need to create an account?: No, just download the software and run the node.
  • Liquidity: Little to no Latin American currency markets other than the Brazilian real.
  • Language: English.

Bishop It is a platform that works in a decentralized manner. To join, you need to download and run your network node to buy and sell bitcoins.

And bisque bitcoin wallets used in the app are your property. You control the private keys.

A feature of Bisq, which is not seen in all P2P platforms, is that it offers a graph that allows you to know the market price changes on the platform, as seen in the image.

BISQ is exclusive for buying and selling BTC. Source: Bisq.

Local cryptos

Payment methods: bank transfers (including Swift and SEPA), payment processors, other cryptocurrencies, cash in person, regional payment methods for most Spanish-speaking countries.

  • Does it accept Lightning Network?: No.
  • Does it allow you to buy other cryptocurrencies?: Si, ETH, DASH, LTC and BCH.
  • Do you need to create an account?: Yes, it is also possible to create an account from MetaMask.
  • Liquidity: Well, the prices in the different Spanish-speaking markets are quite competitive with other platforms.
  • Language: Spanish and English, among others.

After rebranding and expanding the catalog of available cryptocurrencies, LocalEthereum became what it is today Local cryptos.

Like Bisq, LocalCryptos is premised on this users have their own cryptocurrencies. That is why every registered user will be the owner of the private keys of the generated addresses. Unlike Bisq, it is available through the website. There is no software to download or node to run.

LocalCryptos does not require any documents to buy BTC. However, at the opening of the exchange, the counterparty may require the account to verify your phone number open trade. This usually happens when you have a bad reputation.

LocalCryptos currently works with 5 cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash and Bitcoin Cash. Source: LocalCryptos.

Lesson Local cryptos.

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Payment methods: bank transfers (including Swift and SEPA), payment processors, other cryptocurrencies. Includes some Latin market regional payment methods that vary by country.

  • Does it accept Lightning Network?: And
  • Does it allow you to buy other cryptocurrencies?: No.
  • Do you need to create an account?: And.
  • Liquidity: Moderate, generally has low liquidity in some countries. However, currencies like USD or EUR usually have more competitive prices.
  • Language: Spanish, English, etc.

He was going to He was going to It is a pure bitcoin p2p exchange platform accessible through the website. To protect transactions, Hodl Hodl uses an escrow system for 2 out of 3 multi-signature transactions: one signature for the buyer, one for the seller and one for the platform in case of disputes.

Something interesting about Hodl Hodl, which can perhaps help you communicate and get to know the platform, is that it has version compatible with testnet. bitcoin. There you can deposit, withdraw, buy and sell BTC from the testnet just like you would on the mainnet.

Cryptonoticias has developed a tutorial I wanted to which may help you learn how this website works.

Hodl Hodl also has a cryptocurrency-backed USDT lending platform. Source: Hodl Hodl.

2. Social network groups

Social networks were the backbone of P2P sharing. 12 years ago, a bitcoiner paid 10,000 BTC for 2 pizzas to a stranger he contacted through a forum (a precursor to today’s social networks). Now groups focused on exchanging BTC for fiat money or for goods and services are increasingly seen.

Facebook for…

Source: news.google.com

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