A woman thought she got a job, but was robbed of a Bitcoin ATM

A recent bitcoin (BTC) scam in the United States adds to the list of cases where victims are left penniless. This time, it’s about what happened to a 27-year-old woman named Jacquelyn Halushka in Michigan who was trying to get a job late last month.

As reported by a average local who missed a long online job interview at a supposed biopharma company, they told her she was hired. The job was a remote administrative assistant.

Therefore, since he will work from home, the employment contract was sent to him by mail and a check for about $6,500. The latter informed him that he would buy computer work equipment that he would need at work.

With that in mind, Jacquelyn deposited the check into her bank’s mobile app to cash out, but the bank could only give her $500 right away. When she told her recruiters, they asked transfers for a supplier of computer equipment that money, in cash, for a bitcoin ATM they search at home,

They explained to her that they had to do this to verify that she really lived in the area. He also required it so that the computer hardware supplier could send him the first working materials he would need.

“I’ve never bought bitcoins before,” said the 27-year-old woman who was scammed. Font: Freep.

She has never used an ATM till now bitcoins. However, believing that the work was genuine, he went to the specified one and transferred $500. But to his sad surprise, it was all a scam to steal money. The check they sent him was fake and so was the job.

They used a bitcoin ATM to trick her

In this way, Jacquelyn lost $500, which she sent with confidence in the certainty of the work, because transfers to cryptocurrencies cannot be revoked. That’s why many scammers they use them to steal, as reported by CriptoNoticias. Which reminds us that before sending money, it is important to thoroughly research whether the organization is trustworthy or not.

“Until now, I’ve never heard of any job scams,” commented Jacquelyn. And he reckons the robbery could have been worse because the bogus company demanded he send the rest of the check. But, fortunately, before that, he was able to check the bank for a fake check, and he did not transfer the rest of the money.

E operating mode this scam works with a complicated story that completely fools the victim. And this is not the only one that has been done through cryptocurrency ATMs. There have been other cases where scammers have advertised fake investments or pretended to be businesses, tricking people into thinking they’ve mistakenly deposited money into their bank accounts to be cashed out at bitcoin ATMs.

That is why, to warn potential victims of scams, some cryptocurrency ATMs have added notices that say: “Don’t send bitcoins to anyone you don’t know, via eBay or to buy a car. It’s more than likely a hoax.”

so far this year, More than 46,000 people in the United States have reported being scammed using cryptocurrencies. Not only through bitcoin ATMs, but in many ways. According to the country’s federal government’s Trade Commission, victims collectively lost more than a billion dollars to different scams.

Source: www.criptonoticias.com

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