B·Arte’s second prize, a Bitcoin-awarding contest, begins.

With the intention of inviting artists and creators from all over the country and with the slogan “Express the blockchain revolution with your art”, the second B·Arte Prize was launched, and the winners will be awarded with Bitcoin and a virtual exhibition. in six disciplines. different artistic.

In the competition, which ends on October 20. and organized by the NGO Bitcoin Argentina, Fundación Bitcoin Iberoamérica and LABITCONF, will judge works of photography, video, short stories, poetry, physical and digital art. Selected works will be awarded a total of 3,900 dollars in Bitcoin and will be exhibited at the Latin American Bitcoin and Blockchain Conference on November 11 and 12 at the Costa Salguero complex in the autonomous city of Buenos Aires.

The NGO Bitcoin Argentina announced that both the award ceremony and the exhibition of selected works will take place in LABITCONF, a space dedicated to artistic production and web 3.0 development. These programs will also include a conversation with artists and professionals, an exhibition of NFT and technology-related artwork, a live auction of physical works created by artists during the conference, and an artist performance at the end. Ornella Ruiz Diaz.

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The jury of the B·Arte 2022 prize in the field of physical art consists of Ignacio Gutierrez Zaldivar, Vic Tolomei and Aida Pippo; Gus Grillasca, Clementina Giraldo and Soy Fira in digital art; Javier Lourenço, Pablo De Sousa and Paula Woscoboinik in video and photography; and in History and Poetry by Rodolfo Andragnes, Connie Ansaldi, and Federico Andahazi.

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The B·Arte award aims to “spread the positive impact created by the use of Blockchain and the introduction of Bitcoin”. Participation is “completely open and free”, with the only condition that the artists are over 18 years old from the Ibero-American region.

“The competition and artistic activities that will take place at LABITCONF aim to encourage and promote creativity within the framework of the technological revolution we are experiencing. Web3, NFT and digital art are changing the way of evaluating artistic production, strengthening a generation. horizontal and collaborative communities,” they concluded from ONG Bitcoin Argentina.

The terms and conditions of the competition can be found on the B·Arte Prize website: https://bitcoinargentina.org/premiobarte-2022/

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