Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Price: Monday, October 31

After an erratic week, BTC and major cryptocurrencies are starting to rally for the week. What do the experts predict for the coming days?

After reaching new all-time highs (ATH) above 68,500 u$ The price in November last year Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the rest of the market continue to suffer from the hemorrhaging that has plagued the entire ecosystem for almost a year now.

And a few months ago, the entire sector suffered another brutal fall, which caused investors to worry.

Although the week of cryptocurrencies had a rough start, they experienced a sharp decline this Wednesday: Bitcoin worth $20,778.98 and in the last 24 hours the price change of the digital currency was 0.30%. Bitcoin market capitalization is 398,871,736,082 u$ and circulate 19,194,206 BTC.

Bitcoin price change over the past year.  Source:

Bitcoin price change over the past year. Source:

Cryptocurrency buying and selling platform gravelBTC reaches value today $6,072,296.78 in pesos for purchase and 5.907.392.52 for sale, with variation 0.31 percent It should be noted that this new value is linked to the value of the parallel Argentine dollar.

Bitcoin price change in pesos over the past year.  Source: Ruins.

Bitcoin price change in pesos over the past year. Source: Ruins.

Price of other cryptocurrencies:

  • Ethereum: $1,622.91 (1.38%)
  • BNB: $326.25 (5.04%)
  • Binding: $1.00 (0.00%)
  • Solana: $33.95 (4.06%)
  • XRP: u$0.46 (-0.37%)
  • Cardan: u$0.41 (-0.66%)
  • Avalanche: $18.98 (2.04%)
  • Dots: $6.79 (2.95%)
  • Dogecoin: u$0.01 (-3.04%)

What can be expected from Bitcoin in the short term?

Cryptocurrency expert Camilo Rodríguez explains iProUP that technically BTC is still in the macrolateralization stage.

“What we have seen in recent days was a temporary upswing, but in the short term it will have a correction,” warns the expert, adding: “We are waiting for the Fed to make new announcements. When this happens, as usual, the price of bitcoin will fall, just like in traditional markets .

Additionally, Rodríguez points out that “when our intraday candles are above $24,100, only then would we be able to assess a direct search above $26,150.”

Cryptocurrencies: What is the price of bitcoin today

Bitcoin experienced a sharp drop

Bitcoin experienced a sharp drop

Paying attention to what might happen to Bitcoin in the medium term

ArgenBTC exchange CEO Gabriel Vago explains iProUP that Bitcoin received a positive boost from users who used it as a safe haven amid rising inflation in the United States, positive acceptance of ETH network changes and the rise of major global technology companies.

However, the ArgenBTC specialist fears that these yields are just an oasis in the middle of the desert, and expects that there will still be new drops that will bring the value of BTC lower than those that caused nervousness in the ecosystem last month.

“In the medium term, the trend will be down and may reach values ​​around $10,000 or $13,000 per Bitcoin,” he warns.

For this reason, given the volatility that plagues the ecosystem, it is important to get informed before investing in cryptocurrencies and integrate them into a balanced portfolio to protect against sudden price drops.


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