Bitcoin closes the week with no new bearish impulses and holding in the current zone

Today, Friday, 11/25, the cryptocurrency market takes 16 thousand. a dominant market amid inflation and uncertainty about the recovery of global markets. In terms of exchange rates, CCL closes at $327, with stable currencies averaging out Crypto market.


Bitcoin in the international market

As can be seen from the table, the price of bitcoin is currently at $16,500, representing a 0.6% drop from its previous day’s closing price of $16,600.

At the time of writing, the market capitalization stands at 831,000 million. USD, of which bitcoin accounts for about 317,000 million. USD, which is more than 38 percent. As for the capitalization of previous rounds, it stood at Rs 835,000 crore. USD, which decreased by 0.5%.

On the other hand, in the last 24 hours, bitcoins have been traded, amounting to 23,500 million. USD, which is more than 45% of the total volume sold in the cryptocurrency market, which is 52,000 million. USD in the last 24 hours. . It’s down more than 7% from previous tours, which sold around $56,000.

Types dollar

Among the various dollars listed in the market, we see that the dollar price of bitcoin is $308.5 above the blue $317; and below the CCL at $327.

Evolution of other cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin is listed in the international market at $16,500, while the domestic market is priced from Crypto marketit stands at $5,091,000

In the international market, Ether trades at $1,200, while in the local market, the price is charged from Crypto marketit stands at $368,000

Considering the stable currencies, the Usdt is quoted at $1 and domestically the price comes from Crypto marketamounts to $310.

To see the prices of other cryptocurrencies, feel free to visit Crypto market.


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