Bitcoin countdown: The most anticipated change is coming and investors are feeling the most stress

The Bitcoin (BTC) kicks off an important week in the crypto world with a strong rebound that helps it move higher 22,000 u$however, the rest of the market is looking at the imminent arrival Connection Ethereum. In this context, the rest cryptocurrencies reported very positive results.

Based on information from CoinMarketCap, the price BTC rose 3% in the last day and kept its price in range 22,300 US dollars. In turn, Ethereum (ETH) trouble is boring 1.3% in the last 24 hours to leave the price 1750 US dollars.

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At the weekly level, arrival effects Connectioncon Bitcoin and 13% higher compared to last week’s valueuntil ETH is 11% more than it was quoted seven days ago.

replace ethereum forever

The main reason for this rise for many professionals is that Connection will take place this week, according to key estimates, What does this mean the process by which the Ethereum network goes from a proof-of-work (PoF) system to a ‘stake’ (PoS) system..

Among the benefits of this change are: energy consumptioncul is 99.95% lower on the PoS network and therefore a direct consequence mining cost which has cryptocurrency.

On the other hand, the possibility that deliver the plane (which is basically a fork of the networks between the PoS system and the PoW) is another factor influencing the price of cryptocurrencies these days.

As for the dates, it is expected Connection occur between September 13 and 15 based on calculations of how many transactions on the network are required for this “merger” to occur.

an important week for cryptocurrencies

Finally, ten cryptocurrencies with the largest market volume they close for the week with extremely positive returns in all cases, some even trading up to 8% more in 24 hours.

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The best case is sun (sun)what registered an increase of 8.3% in the last 24 hours and left the price $37. As for the rest of the quotes, the prices varied as follows:

  • Cardano (ADA): u$0.51 (no options)
  • Ripple (XRP): u$ 0.35 (without options)
  • Binance Coin (BNB): $298 (0.7%)
  • Dots (DOT): $7.9 (2.7%)

This is how the cryptocurrency market opened up.

On a weekly basis, all cryptocurrencies are green: ADA 5.8% more, BNB and 8.8 percent SOL and 20 percent XRP 9% and DOT 5.9% more than 7 days ago.

Bitcoin fear or greed index.

Finally, Bitcoin fear or greed index is marked 25 points, which reflects a situation of extreme fear and predicts that the market will be slower in the near future.


This long-term Bitcoin holder metric is approaching the “bottom zone” of the BTC price.
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