Bitcoin Market new sponsor of INTZ

After a period without new agreements between cryptocurrency brokers and prominent Brazilian esports organizations, INTZ announced by the stock exchange Bitcoin market as his last sponsor.

Bitcoin market will be visible T-shirt shoulders about INTZin addition, activations i.e social networks. Additionally, a video released by the organization also revealed the signing new influencers.

The agreementwhich will be over one yearnegotiated by marketing agencies DRUID creative games and signed Bitcoin market to promote their brand in the esports arena, although this is not the company’s first email. sports step because also sponsored by the Brazilian Counter-Strike Circuit (CBCS) from 2021.

Bitcoin market will also participate marketing activations with new influencers signed by INTZ. According to co-founder Lucas ‘Simon’ Almeida, bringing new talent into the organization is a way to strengthen its diversity and inclusion stance.

The union comes after the Brazilian market abandons agreements related to cryptocurrencies, such as FURYwhich had an agreement with FTXhowever, it was also canceled after the bankruptcy Rensga Esports, that it entered into a naming rights agreement with Bitpreço, but at the end of 2022. in June The big ones, which was sponsored by “Bitso”, but did not extend the contract. Nevertheless, MIBRcontinues to adhere to the agreement with Bybit closed in May this year.

INTZ adds Mercado Bitcoin to its list of sponsors including LG UltraGearBrazilian clothing brand Lupo, monster energy i.e Claro Gaming.

In addition, the organization is known for its success Brazilian League of Legends Championship (CBLOL)with five titles, but he has played a secondary role in recent seasons.

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The new sponsorship and new talent acquisitions are expected to increase INTZ’s engagement and relevance through 2023, and Riot Games will not support any restrictions on INTZ’s announcement of the Bitcoin market on CBLOL.


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