Bitcoin price gains could be influenced by measures that could be implemented by the Fed, a report warns

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Although a Bitcoin por encima de los USD $22.000 parece buena señal, analistas advierten que la FED podría continuar con aumentos a las tasas de interés para lidiar con la inflación, esto pese a que los indicadores señalen una evolución positiva para la economía local.


  • Se espera que el aumento en los niveles inflacionarios frene su crecimiento
  • Sin embargo, esto no evitaría que la FED aumente nuevamente las tasas de interés
  • Bitcoin ha reaccionado positivamente estos últimos días tras anuncios del BCE
  • Analistas recomiendan tener precaución y no confiarse por lo visto en los últimos días

A pesar de que el invierno cripto está lejos de terminar, sin duda alguna hay cierto entusiasmo en el mercado por el aumento capitalizado por Bitcoin la semana pasada. Sin embargo, un reporte recientemente publicado por el medio CoinDesk expone las razones por la cual los entusiastas de la moneda digital aún no deberían bajar la guardia, ya que está sobre la mesa la posibilidad de una nueva caída en los próximos días.

Inflación podría ir desacelerando… pero Bitcoin podría bajar

El informe en cuestión reúne opiniones por parte de diversos analistas, los cuales anticipan que el próximo informe de precios al consumidor para EE.UU. refleje que la inflación ha ido frenando su incremento a lo largo del último mes, principal razón por la que el precio de Bitcoin ha venido aumentando desde el pasado viernes.

Al respecto, los economistas de Bloomberg advierten que si bien, las presiones sobre los precios podrían estar cayendo, aún es demasiado pronto para asegurar que esto no llevaría a la Reserva Federal (FED) a decretar un nuevo aumento sobre las tasas de interés, y agregan:

“Los indicadores inflacionarios de agosto probablemente serán más suaves, pero eso no cambiará el resultado final… y tal vez incluso le darán algo de aceleración [a próximas medidas]”.

though another report to Department of Labor will be published tomorrow, it is believed IPC August represents an 8.1% increase over the past 12 months, which would be the second consecutive monthly decline after July’s 8.5% increase.

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Other reports indicate that the increase is being capitalized Bitcoin was linked to a new increase determined European Central Bank interest rates, which rose about 75 basis points, recording the largest increase in the company’s history.

Reducing US inflation will be difficult

though European Central Bank this way, there is nothing yet to suggest that the US would choose any other means. Let’s keep in mind that the president Fed, Jerome Powell assured that dealing with existing inflation will be a difficult process that will bring some pain to the population because of the measures that will have to be taken to reduce the main indicators.

The president is walking this way Fed Chicago, Charles Evans pointed out last week that FED will likely continue to aggressively raise interest rates, so next September 22 we can expect a significant increase, although in 2012 IPC shows that inflation is slowing.

In turn, the representative insight, Brendan Murphy assured that it will take time for inflation to fall to the level he has set as a target Fed, thus, more decisive measures can still be taken to achieve such goals:

“The big 2022 the Fed spent part of the year grappling with the consequences of higher prices and committing to tightening monetary policy if necessary to bring those price increases back on target. This means higher rates and tighter financial conditions until inflation is under control.”

Another indicator that the US is watching is the potential increase in the unemployment rate, which the media is reporting Reuters predicts that inflation could rise to 7.5 percent until the inflation rate falls below 2 percent with the measures the government is putting in place. FED. The research conducted ensures that this is inevitable in order to control the inflation and therefore people are advised to prepare themselves for possible adverse scenarios.

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Bitcoin developed favorably

Although it is not clear what could happen Bitcoin in the coming days, the truth is that the digital currency has behaved quite positively in recent days.

After hitting a low near $18,640 last Tuesday, September 6, the digital currency made a sharp recovery on the 8th and 9th of this month, when it managed to break past lows and trade above the $21,000 mark. unit.

At the time of publication, the digital currency is trading at around $22,397, representing a gain of 3.45% in the last 24 hours.

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