BITCOIN: Price Today, 2022 November 25; cryptocurrency values ​​this friday

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Exchange cryptocurrencies: Binance announced today that it is committing $1 billion to help companies in the cryptocurrency industry continue to operate in order to avoid a possible new scenario similar to the collapse of the cryptocurrency exchange FTX.

Towards such an end, Binance has established the Industrial Recovery Initiative (IRI), which will allow struggling cryptocurrency companies to apply for financial support. Binance contributed 1,000 million cryptocurrencies initiative and can increase this amount up to 2 billion if necessary. The company said it has already received 150 support requests from various companies in need of assistance.

Binance did not clearly mention FTX in his announcement today. However, given the timing, it is clear that the stock market crash (and the resulting fluctuating effect on other companies) prompted the creation of the fund.

Here is a list of Herald Binarios dear the main ones cryptocurrenciesThis is in 2022 November 25:

  • Bitcoin: $16,500
  • Ethereum: $1,190
  • Tethering: $1
  • USD coin: $0.9999
  • BNB: $300
  • USD Binance: $1,0000
  • XRP: $0.407402
  • Gimbal: $0.31
  • Solana: $14
  • Dogecoin: $0.08

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