El Salvador will have a Bitcoin island in Usulutan

Usulutan department could become a new center Bitcoin in Savior. Usulutan’s coastal area would become the country’s first Bitcoin island. This is based on information from the Governor of Usulután, Héctor Antonio Valle Escobar, and Johana Hernández, Secretary of the Department of Youth and New Ideas and Deputy Governor of Usulután, who through TwitterThey spread the good news.

The initiative is supported Michael Peterson of Bitcoin Beach and John Dennehy, founder of the NGO My First Bitcoin. Both communities are recognized nationally and internationally for the implementation of various strategies and projects contributing to the acceleration of hyperbitcoinization in the Central American country.

“Recently, Governor @Hector_ValleSV and I visited the San Dionisio Islands. This time we went with the team of the mayor of the municipality, Michael Peterson of @Bitcoinbeach and John Dennehy, founder of the organization @MyfirstBitcoin_.

Source: Twitter

Bitcoin Island in Usulutan would be a great move promote local development and strengthen the economy of regional producers. It would also give more financial inclusion for settlers; especially not to bank.

“By working together on these islands, we are trying to stimulate their local economy. first Bitcoin Island It will be here in Usulutan.

In turn, Bitcoin Beach commented as follows:

“It seems like a great place to (create) another Bitcoin community with a circular economy.”

Finally, this is the section where Mi Primer Bitcoin has recently focused its efforts on BTC education. about his pedagogical progress in the Department of Usulutan; initiative commented on Twitter Next:

“The work on introducing Bitcoin is never ending!” Usulutan has 🔥 🔥 full classes every week! @MyfirstBitcoin_ is expanding! Because education is the key.

Driving BTC acceptance

With this new achievement In the near future, Usulutan will become part of the regions where Bitcoin is best known in the country.near famous centers such as El Zonte and Mayor Ilopango.

Chau Dlar Bitcoin: You Can Go Zero Thanks to Two New Laws and Promotions

On the other hand, it seems that the lesson is about what BTC’s education precedes its acceptancewas well learned, so efforts are already being made to train, These efforts, in turn, seem to be well-received, with local residents paying close attention to the issue.

El Salvador Bitcoin Law

In the future, Bitcoin Island is expected to boost the local economy and create new forms of financial freedom. This would correspond to the reflection that Mike Peterson Bitcoin Beach announced Bitcoin acceptance in El Salvador in in 2021.

“So here it is in 2021. we see a small poor nation showing the world how Bitcoin levels the playing field for the poor. We know that Bitcoin Beach is just a glimpse. But we hope it will be the spark that lights fires around the world. We invite you to visit El Zonto and help us spread this vision of community Bitcoin banking that enables financial inclusion around the world.


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Source: es.beincrypto.com

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