FTX Hacker Sells “Stolen” Ethers for Packaged Bitcoins

Basic facts:
  • According to network records, the suspected hacker is exchanging ETH for wBTC and RenBTC.

  • Sources say the “hacker” may actually have been the Bahamian government.

The FTX hacker is at it again with the movement of funds: now exchanging ETH holdings for packaged bitcoins. This was registered on the Ethereum network, where two transfers worth $15 million and $12 million can be verified.

In total over the last few hours it is said the hacker has changed amount ethers worth $27 million per packaged bitcoin wBTC format and RenBTC. The movements were made through a centralized 1-inch exchange, sending funds to addresses the hacker had not previously used.

It is worth remembering that a week ago, a few hours after FTX Group and Alameda Research filed for bankruptcy, Was reported that a hacker stole 600 million from the stock exchange. According to the FTX support team, an unknown entity would have managed to obtain multiple Solana, Ethereum and Binance Smarth Chain tokens.

A few days after this event, whoever or those with access to the funds began exchanging said assets for Ether (ETH). That way, overnight, the FTX hacker had his message one of the richest addresses of all Ethereum. So much so that after two transfers today The entity still has $270 million inside main wallet.


Most worryingly, there are rumors about who the hacker who pulled off this feat might be. At first it is speculation that Sam Bankman-Fried himself, the former CEO of FTX, may be behind the transfers. However, a recent Reuters report, raises suspicions of the authorities.

Not a hacker, but the Bahamian government?

According to Reuters sources, funds raised from FTX wallets they got the approval of Sam Bankman-Fried and exchange founder Gary Wang. However, they ended up not under his control, but under the Bahamian government.

The two executives would have made this decision, allegedly to prevent FTX from filing for bankruptcy in the United States. So far, the stock market crash is under investigation by more than one government agency, with both the United States and the Bahamas investigating the incident.

But with the constant moves being made with the money “stolen” by the hacker almost a week ago, it is explained that The Bahamian government controls such funds creates even more uncertainty. Personalities from the cryptocurrency ecosystem, such as the founder of the IBC group incubator, they ask this version of events.


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Since this doubt has not been clarified, it remains unclear whether the alleged FTX hacker will continue to move the rest of the ETH funds. If so, experts say it was necessary be alert because this is a direction with a lot of capital, which can disrupt the Ethereum market. Currently, there is no cryptocurrency registered a very significant drop and remains above 1100 dollars per unit.

Source: news.google.com

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