Horrible blowout! Guillermo Moreno tried to explain how Bitcoin works and everyone laughed

William Moreno, former Secretary of Internal Trade of Argentina 2006-2013I’m trying to explain how it works Bitcoin But I made a lot of mistakes.

A former trade secretary who now heads his own political party, Principles and Values, hosted a crypto “masterclass” on how to split crypto assets.

Moreno explained it “The program allows you to split each bitcoin into 60,000 units” – although strictly speaking, the smallest divisible unit of Bitcoin is 100,000,000, which is known as a satoshi, or 0.000000001 Bitcoin – and he continued his reasoning by saying, “You, the owner of Bitcoin, you start selling it by dividing it by 60,000, so if you have $60,000 worth of bitcoins, each bit is worth a dollar“.

Moreno talked about Bitcoin but was wrong about the price

The leader of the Peronist group Principios y Valores also confused some dates and prices. 10 years ago (December 2012) the price of Bitcoin was actually $13. Second, lTo buy the pizza Moreno is talking about Laszlo Hanyecz in 2010if it is done for 20,000 bitcoinsand not until 3.

Source: news.google.com

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