How much does bitcoin pollute? this is a large carbon footprint of cryptocurrency

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A report by environmental groups revealed that mining Bitcoin The US produces the same amount pollution more than 6 million cars emit carbon dioxide each year. After the report was released on Friday, the groups insisted that new mining operations be banned Bitcoin the United States in light of the threat of climate change.

It’s no secret that cryptocurrencies and especially Bitcoin It is one of the largest digital currencies pollution environmental protection for its energy waste it generates worldwide, and a new scientific study conducted in the United States supports this claim about pollution which generates Bitcoin.

According to Jeremy Fisher, a Sierra Club energy analyst and co-author of the report, he said energy-hungry sectors could produce emissions that could undermine any measures taken to combat climate change. Here at Heraldo Binario, we present the results of the aforementioned report and carbon footprint on the environment which generates Bitcoin in the US, which equates to 6 million cars.

We are at a tipping point. We are trying to decarbonize quickly. Bitcoin mining may undo some of this progress.


What is Bitcoin’s Carbon Footprint?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency’s calculator, Carbon footprint sector cryptocurrencies from 2021 mid to 2022 in the middle was 27.4 million. tons, three times more than in the factory Coal the largest in the US in 2022, only 3.5% of the world’s mining bitcoins was in the U.S., but according to a new White House study, by 2022 this number increased to 38 percent.

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To combat this crisis, the New York Legislature is taking the same approach as environmental groups, passing a law aimed at halting all new operations based on fossil fuels. But the industry Bitcoin defends the sector cryptocurrencies claiming that BTC uses a tiny 0.09-1.7% of all US power. In addition, Council members bitcoin mining provided data showing that more than 50% of the energy used by miners comes from renewable sources. Elliot David of Sustainable Bitcoin Protocol commented:

“Bitcoin is a technology with many positive and negative climate opportunities.

Finally, the report emphasizes that more than 38 percent mining of the world Bitcoin is based in the USA and produces 27.4 million tons Carbon footprint.

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