I attended the first in-person Bitcoin event

I attended the first one a few days ago face to face event about Bitcoinwas called “Descentralizar” and took place in the coastal city of Pinamar in 2022. in September.

It was Saturday, I started very early, I made a good Italian coffee and put it in a thermos (not ideal, but perfect in the context of the road), I put in a piece of microwave that I bought. the night before and We left by car from Mar del Plata to Pinamar. We had an hour and a half to go. At 8:30 we were already at the Pinamar Tower Theatre, venue. and we continued accreditation; the event was free, but advance registration and ticketing was required.

I can already tell that it was an exceptionally positive experience, we spent the whole day, met the historical figures of Bitcoin in the country, heard stories, gossips, things that bitcoiners use and create. We learned, we reflected… a little bit of everything.

This event was organized by ONG Bitcoin ArgentinaI had to meet some members and authorities of the same group and I must say that I was completely impressed by the relevance of these personalities, their humility, their desire to share information and their desire to work in organizing all kinds of dissemination campaigns. about the initial cryptocurrency.

We enjoyed seeing the mayor of Pinamar at the opening of the event, together with the people of the NGO Bitcoin Argentina, who supported and expressed their openness to the world of cryptocurrencies.

The topic was very interesting, although I have to say that my favorite passages were the respective interventions of Rodolfo Andragnes, president of the NGO, a man who is able to convey strong fundamental concepts about Bitcoin and its current and potential impact on society.

Bitcoin cryptocurrency rises more than 3% in 24 hours.

A necessary conversation “What is money?” Before talking about Bitcoin, it was very easy and at the same time very clear.

Descentralizar has been supported by several companies that also support long-term projects, such as the case of the international P2P platform. Clearwhich, together with the non-governmental organization Bitcoin Argentina, runs a program that points to the future and is dedicated to expand Bitcoin education 40 high schools in Argentina.

One of the very dynamic moments of decentralization was the “wallet workshop”, where the audience was explained and made to practice with wallets and even gave away satoshis to encourage them to send them among the participants for educational purposes.

I was surprised to Bitcoin, a van that traveled thousands of kilometers across Latin America, promoting the spread of Bitcoin in the remotest parts of this subcontinent. Moreover, I was able to experience the spirit of diffusion and the meeting place and exchange of auspicious qualities; I went to have a look and found myself inside where there are chairs and a small table and we talk about Bitcoin, history, programming and various other topics.

At Bitcoin, we talk about everything, for example prepaid cryptocurrency cardshow Let’s make it who had recently come to our house as well as other bitcoiners who were there.

I was amazed by things like the Telegram bot that allows P2P buying and selling transactions over the Lightning Network without KYC, and even more amazed that I met its creator and can have a quiet conversation with him.

I also enjoyed meeting the folks at Money On Chain and their Bitcoin-based stablecoin, DoC.

Bitcoin and chori: Owned by The Front of All and created the crypto community

The truth is that the 12 hours that the meeting lasted flew by: I learned, confirmed concepts, met very great and inspiring people, learned stories, understood what is happening in the world of Bitcoin, its potential. , threats faced by…

Something that might surprise you: No one (and when I say no one I mean NO ONE) spoke Bitcoin price. It was all about building and spreading.

If you have some interest in this topic, I would suggest you to go to one of these events organized by the NGO Bitcoin Argentina, everything to learn, conversations to have, get to know that dynamic community and that’s it. very relevant and enriching what you have to contribute.

You can find out what the event was like in Pinamare in this video:

For our part, we are already thinking about participating in LABITCONF, the Latin American Bitcoin and Blockchain Conference, which will be held in Argentina this year.

Links of interest:

Thank you Clear for supporting content about cryptocurrencies in Spanish!

Source: www.infoviajera.com

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