new projects in Venezuela and an archive account in Paraguay

Bitcoin in Spanish is a weekly newsletter of CriptoNoticias, where we cover the most important facts related to bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchains in the Spanish world.

Among the most important events in Latin America this week are the projects presented in the framework of the Monagas Innova event in Maturín, Venezuela.

Among the innovations revealed are plans for promote greater use of cryptocurrency payment platforms among the inhabitants of eastern Venezuela.

Elsewhere in the region, the Bank of Spain has begun experimenting with digital currency, and in Colombia, members of the ecosystem. evaluate the pros and cons of a bill that would regulate bitcoin exchanges.


For a more in-depth look at the news from each Spanish-speaking country over the past week, we leave you with the latest Bitcoin in Spanish.

Argentina creates National Blockchain Committee

In order to lay the groundwork for the application of blockchain technology in the country, Argentina has created a National Committee.

This committee publication is part of a series regulatory plans due to government action on bitcoin, crypto-currencies and related technologies.

On the other hand, statistics shows a significant increase in interest in Bitcoin among Argentines. The survey revealed that many voters will listen to suggestions on 2023 presidential candidates cryptocurrencies

In this context, a video went viral in which Guillermo Moreno, Argentina’s former Secretary of Internal Trade from 2006 to 2013, tried to explain, many errorshow does the bitcoin economy work.

With the World Cup furore currently underway, the price of official Argentina and Croatia fan tokens. had important fluctuations hours before a match at a sporting event.

Meanwhile, the region of western Argentina’s San Luis province reported about Launching your own cryptocurrency pegged to the value of the US dollar.

Colombians worry about inflation

Inflation and the devaluation of the Colombian peso remain among the main concerns of the population. November numbers show one of the highest records in the last 23 years.

In this regard, various economists of that country point out that inflation is created in the Andean country very different reasons to those that led to an increase in inflation in other countries of the region.

Meanwhile, Mauricio Tovar, CEO of Tropykus Finance; and Camilo Suárez, President of AsoBlockchain Colombia, spoke with CriptoNoticias about the bill exchange bitcoin regularly. They expressed opposing views on a document approved by Congress a few days ago.

Columbia's Lower House.
Colombia’s lower house last week approved a bill regulating bitcoin exchanges in its second debate. Source: House of Representatives.

Cuban miners hit by power outage

According to Cubans, the constant power outages on the island are making cryptocurrency mining “more difficult or almost impossible” on a daily basis.

miner tracker with GPU miners in a dark room with a Cuban flag on the floor
Cuba’s electricity crisis has eroded the profits of cryptocurrency miners. Composition CriptoNoticias. lusitania/; bernardbodo/

I agree with you Testimonies of Cuban minerspower outages dampened the profitability of this activity in the country and encourages them to look for energy alternatives, which are sometimes risky.

Bank of Spain to experiment with digital currency

The Bank of Spain plans to experiment with a central bank digital currency, according to a recent report. For this purpose he started a new program in which financial institutions of other countries will participate.

Meanwhile, the Congress Committee proposed Amendments to the Securities Market Law. They plan to apply a series of fines and sanctions to participants in the Spanish bitcoin ecosystem. This is at the same time that a well-known accommodation booking service based in Spain is partnering with a cryptocurrency-based platform. to start accept bitcoins as a means of payment.

Platform Cripta.
The Criptan platform will be responsible for processing bitcoin payments for reservations. Source: – Criptan.

Spain’s national police have dismantled a gang of cybercriminals who with intended for fraud for people interested in investing in cryptocurrencies. The group would have amassed thousands of euros as a result of its criminal activities.

in sports matters, price movement it was seen on the tokens of Spanish fans after the team’s defeat in the World Cup.

They file a bill in Paraguay

After suspending the debate scheduled for last week, the Paraguayan Chamber of Deputies did not receive the necessary votes override a presidential veto of legislation that would regulate Bitcoin mining.

Chamber of Deputies submitted a draft law that sought to provide a legal basis for the activitywhich was vetoed by the executive in August of this year.

Notwithstanding the above, Slovak Dusan Matuska revealed his plans mine cryptocurrencies in Paraguay. At this time, the entrepreneur is advancing a a bitcoinization project on an island in Honduras.

New projects with bitcoin in Eastern Venezuela

In the city of Maturin, the capital of the state of Monaghan in eastern Venezuela, was performed on the Monagas Innova. An event attended by CriptoNoticias revealed several projects related to the bitcoin ecosystem being developed in the Caribbean country.

Among the announced plans are advances from a well-known lottery company Venezuela, which launched its new online sales platform that already works with cryptocurrencies.

We also learned about a project related to Bitcoin mining led by the county of Monaco, where the local government plans to take advantage of oil wells. For his part, the mayor of Maturín plans to use cryptocurrencies as an incentive for the city’s residents learn about recycling.

weekly events

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