New version of Bitcoin Core enables controversial Full RBF.

Full RBF is complemented by the launch of the latest version of Bitcoin Core, the core software for installing the Bitcoin system on a computer. For the past few weeks, developers and professionals around the world have been debating the relevance of this change. On the one hand, there are disputes about the benefits and, on the other hand, questions about the safety of this method.

In the description of the changes that are included in the version Bitcoin Core 24 tell me what it is. This is a “configuration option”mempoolfullrbf“what allows users to change the policy that will be used by their individual node transmit and retrieve unconfirmed transactions.

In other words, Bitcoin Core now adds the ability to administer a knot (which allows you to check or reject transactions) implements this function individually.

Bitcoin Core 24 does not include this change by default and does not force any user to do so. “The default option is the same policy used in previous versions, and there will be no changes to the node policy if everyone uses the default,” the team adds. Bitcoin Core.

The total RBF (Replacement Fee) is a a method that allows you to increase the commission per transaction for faster approval. Some Bitcoin wallets and nodes have been using this method for years. However, Bitcoin Core has been more conservative in this regard.

On the other hand, the default “privacy policy” option knots» will remain the same. This sets a transaction that has not been committed to history when a node commits it. Some call this policy “at first glance.”

The Bitcoin protocol does not and cannot provide any guarantee that the first version of an uncommitted transaction seen by a particular node is the version that is committed. If there are multiple versions of the same unconfirmed transaction, only the miner who adds one of these transactions to the block can decide which version of the transaction will be confirmed. Despite this lack of security, many merchants and services still make this assumption.

Bitcoin Core, the Bitcoin Core developer group.

Assuming there is no certainty which deal will be approved first, several developers have been encouraging node policy change add full RBF as reported by CriptoNoticias.

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According to the Bitcoin Core 24 Release Notes document, “as more nodes involved in transmission and mining begin to enable full RBF, replacing unconfirmed transactions with higher fees can quickly become more reliable.”


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Opposing opinions about Full RBF

Jameson Lopp, a well-known Bitcoin technology programmer, comment about this offer: “When you spend an unverified stream of bitcoins, you spend money you don’t have.”

In fact, one of the arguments against this node policy change is that This would affect those services that accept unverified payments. That’s exactly it The opinion of the CEO of MuunA Bitcoin wallet that accepts unverified payments.

Peter Todd, a developer who is actively involved in the development of Bitcoin, is in turn trying to convince the community of the benefits of using Full RBF. What reported KritoNoticias, explains economic and operational improvements to use this method in Bitcoin. It is even willing to pay increased taxes bitcoin miners which implement the entire RBF.

Wallets like Electrum have set their own posture about it and the developers of Bitcoin Core installed Full RBF on the test network to better understand how it works.


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