Paxful urges you not to miss the Bitcoin rate

A global P2P platform presents a course on how to learn how to protect your bitcoins. When will it be and how to make the most of it

Argentina is one of the countries with the highest number of users cryptocurrencies to haveafter reaching the figure 4,000,000according to industry sources.

Clear offers a webinar on October 18 at 5:00 p.m. what will you have speakers a: Fabian Delgado and Santiago Perez which will teach you how to keep your bitcoins safe.

This Tuesday Cryptocurrency Education and Investment Specialist Sancripto will participate in the webinar. “Don’t let the horror overwhelm you and get the best tips to make your experience the universe it is.” Bitcoin Be the best! Mark a reminder and we’ll see you very soon,” Paxful notes in the invitation.

Will Hernandezthe director Business growth cryptocurrency platform Clearhe explains in an exclusive interview with iProUPthat the interest expressed by the population of our country in these digital currencies is clearly increasing.

Proof of this trend is the expert’s busy work schedule Argentinawho did not stop holding meetings with entrepreneurs from various fields who were looking for advice on how to implement a tool that allows them to enter the global market.

“Right now, platforms love it Clear They help anyone to buy cryptocurrencies in a market that also has millions of users who see Bitcoin and Tether as a solution to various situations, such as the strict controls that Argentina has today,” he assures.

Paxful invitation to join the webinar

Paxful invitation to join the webinar

Bitcoin Price Falls Again After Another Exchange Bankruptcy

Bitcoin growth despite new announcements

Despite the announcements of the Government to apply a differentiated exchange ratefreelancers” that they charge in dollars for their services, many of them remain committed to platforms like Clear deposit your earnings.

This way they get a much more interesting number that allows them to receive a receipt for the main concern of domestic consumers – inflation.

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