Spain, Mexico and Peru add 13 new bitcoin ATMs


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According to, the adoption of Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies continues to advance in Spain, Mexico and Peru, the Latin American countries that activated 13 new ATMs for the digital asset in a month.

Service for monitoring the performance of these devices of India in a recent announcement that Spain activated 10 new ATMs in October-November. This represents a month-on-month growth of 4.7%, according to data from this analytics firm.

This makes Spain the third country with the most bitcoin ATMs in operation, at least 270 such machines active and walk in the 51 provinces of the Iberian nation.

Map of Spain where you can see the number of bitcoin ATMs.
Spain is the third country in the world with the most bitcoin ATMs. Font: CoinATMRadar.

It should be noted that CoinATMRadar It does not include in its accounting the 3,000 ATMs that added BTC purchases last September. It was the result of an alliance between Bitnovo and Euronet reported and verified by CriptoNoticias.


In Peru, South America, CoinATMRadar reports 40% year-over-year growth. that after learning about the activation of two new bitcoin ATMs per month.

So Peru already has 7 working bitcoin ATMs. All of them are located in the capital city of Limaas seen on the map provided by CoinATMRadar.

Map of Peru showing the number of Bitcoin ATMs.
All bitcoin ATMs in Peru are located in the capital, Lima. Font: CoinATMRadar.

And in the case of Mexico, the watchdog reports a modest increase of 2.9% month-on-month due to 1 activation of a new bitcoin and cryptocurrency ATM.

The Aztec country stands out as one of the Latin American nations with more bitcoin and cryptocurrency ATMs. CoinATMRadar posts at least 42 of these facilities are currently operational.

Map of Mexico showing the number of bitcoin ATMs.
There are currently 42 bitcoin ATMs in Mexico. Font: CoinATMRadar.

The number of 42 active bitcoin ATMs in Mexico is notable and represents a 90% increase compared to the devices that were active five months ago, in July. This was reported by CryptoNoticias at the time 20 votes were ready for his use.

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