Spanish accommodation app Central de Reservas will accept payments with Bitcoin (BTC)

Spanish accommodation booking platform Central de Reservas has announced that it will allow customers or users to pay Bitcoin (BTC) as it recently integrated with cryptocurrency provider Criptan, which was recently recognized by Banco de Spain.

Central de Reservas CEO Ricardo Buil, pointed out Next:

“We are in a moment of constant environmental change. We wanted to be ready to make the settlement real. cryptocurrencies on our website. It may be used by few people at the moment, but the growth of its use and many other new payment methods will be exponential in a short time.”


The accommodation portal explained that this is a corporate bet as a preamble to digital payments that “will be in the future” and pointed out that Bitcoin will be part of the “new era of money in tourism” and that for this reason they should get on the train and accept payment in cryptocurrencies.

Jorge Soriano, CEO of Criptan, explained:

“The easy and simple adoption of the cryptocurrency ecosystem for enterprises is part of our added value. Cryptocurrencies are a new way of managing money, and we want to allow any company to have the appropriate mechanisms to offer their customers this alternative.

Spain is one of the countries with the highest usage of cryptocurrencies in the world, including hosting services. In October, the Italian company Takyon created the first distributed tariff system book technology (DLT) based on NFT as a reference unit. The to start With these tools, he aimed to radically change the way customers plan their trips.

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The tariff category, offered by Takyon when a guest books an accommodation with a resale price; Takyon company creates a non-fungible token (NFT) representing the ownership of the said reserve blockchain.

“We turn your reservation into a digital commodity (NFT), removing the name and making it resalable.” We have created a resale rate which is a non-refundable pre-paid booking that can be purchased directly from the hotels website. This costs an average of -20% compared to the normal return rate”.


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