Stacy Herbert will advise on setting up a Bitcoin office in El Salvador

Savior will have an office Bitcoin. It will feature Stacy Herbert, Max Keizer, Gerson Martinez and a host of local bitcoin expertise.

At the international level, figures such as the Salvadoran ambassador to the United States will participate Milena Mayorga and Josue LopezHonorary Consul of El Salvador in Switzerland.

“I am honored to be part of the creation of President Bukele’s Bitcoin Office. You can follow us here: @bitcoinofficesv.

Stacy Herbert announced the news via Twitter and also commented that the measure is the result of attracting capital and investors to the country. due to El Salvador’s president’s pro-bitcoin policies.

“The president’s policy of economic freedom has attracted huge amounts of capital and entrepreneurs to move to El Salvador. The new securities law and the upcoming volcano bond will bring even more. Step by step El Salvador is becoming the place we all want to be.”

The El Salvador Bitcoin Office intends to become the first meeting point and support for every bitcoiner looking to move to or invest in the Central American country’s bitcoin economy.

“The El Salvador Bitcoin Office will be the first port of entry for any bitcoiner looking to move into or invest in the Salvadoran bitcoin economy. Gerson Martínez will accompany me
which is a private equity, Salvadoran and American bitcoin miner.

Stacy also noted that the team will also include Salvadoran BTC programmers.

“Also joining the Oficina Bitcoin team is Mario José, one of the seven Jimmy Songs. These are the first Salvadoran programmers to teach bitcoin programming to this young talent Renaissance 2.0 will be built in El Salvador.”

The Bitcoin office will also collaborate with El Zonte; the place where the adoption of BTC in the country first appeared and whose case was the example of the implementation of the Bitcoin law more than a year ago.

“I will also continue to work closely with my good friends at El Zonte, a community inspired Bitcoin country and indeed the world.” Bitcoin Beach and Roman Martinez. Together we create.”

Birth of Bitcoin Office

The office will fix it “develop, diagnose, plan, schedule, coordinate, monitor, measure, analyze and evaluate plans, programs and projects related to Bitcoin”as mentioned Official blogin 2022 November 17

Bitcoin and Bitcoin Smart Contracts. Ethereum
Bitcoin El Salvador Office

“The Bitcoin Office will assist President Bukele in helping El Salvador achieve all the advantages of excellence we deserve. Building on the biggest rebrand in history, we’ll be working tirelessly to bring the best and brightest to Bitcoin land.

In accordance with the provisions of the Official Gazette, The new initiative will also seek to work in solidarity with other countries on Bitcoin-related issues. when they need it. The role of Ambassador Milena Mayorga and Josue Lopez Gal would be perfect for this.

“Finally, it is clear that the Bitcoin office will work closely with Milena Mayorga, who many bitcoiners already know as the much-loved first Bitcoin ambassador in the world, who has already brought many of the best bitcoin companies, as well as Josue Lopez Gal, our man in Lugano.” -“.

Stacy stated that for his cooperation You will not receive any salary or fee for participating in the initiative. He also commented that the act was done with the best of intentions. “I’m doing it for President Bukele”he stated.

“And to be clear, I will not receive a salary or a contract from El Salvador or any private company. I am doing this for President Bukele. He wants El Salvador to be the place we all want to be, and I will do everything I can to help him get there.

finally, Stacy credits Max Keizer for the project idea. According to Stacy, Max was the one who made the proposal for the Bitcoin office in April of this year. “As president, Max dreams big”Stacy concluded.

“And last but certainly not least, Max Keizer is not just the guy who inspired President Bukele with the idea of ​​a volcanic connection. However, it also first offered a Bitcoin office in April. Max dreams big as president.”

Officially and via Twitter, Bitcoin Office Advertising quickly will publish its first report examining mining BTC in the country.

“At the Bitcoin office, we will be making our first announcement soon. The topic will be the topic bitcoin mining in El Salvador”.


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