They Extort Requena City Hall of $500,000 in Bitcoins After a Cyber ​​Attack

The Requena Town Hall It was on November 27, suffered a cyber attack forcing to paralyze all activities of management and administrative procedures, block servers and all computers of the consistory. cyber criminals demanded a ransom of $500,000 in bitcoins computer systems. A sum which the Consistory apparently refused to pay, drawing the attention of the Civil Guard to the facts.

Ten days later, the problem is still not resolved, despite the city council’s assurances that it is the virus has already been found and the servers are being blocked little by little. “We have good computer scientists and the employees have understood the problem and are cooperating, trying to work as normally as possible,” say sources from the Requena City Hall, who assure that “the corresponding complaint has already been filed to find out, with the help of cybercrime experts, both cyber the access path of the criminals, both the moment of access and the possible damage to the systems”.

Employees use their personal computers to avoid computer chaos

Among the affected computer servers is the payroll system. So last Wednesday, November 30th. – civil servants are paid on the last working day of the month – due to this “hacking” it was also impossible to pay employees regularly. So far they have managed to collect only 50%. from his salary.

Electronic office in Albacete

According to municipal sources, workers are able to carry out most of their tasks because the electronic office contracted to the Albacete Provincial Council – as well as the municipalities of Mislata and Quarto – was not affected. Of course, every officer must use their personal computers because the Consistory and its servers where the information is stored have been hacked and cannot be manipulated until they are analyzed by telematics crime experts.

Bitcoin Today: Price December 18

On infected computers, hackers left a message with a link demanding ransom money; over $500,000 worth of bitcoins. He ends with a sarcastic tone cybercriminals added that with 500,000.

The payment of 50 percent of salaries to officials has been advanced until the system is restored

The City Council assures that they have been notified immediately regarding any confidential information they may have had access to Spanish Data Protection Agency and that they follow his every step. Similarly, the National Cryptology Center (CCN), a specialist in cyber security issues in public institutions, is also aware of what happened.

Other attacks on Valencia city halls

Cybercriminals have identified a loophole in city councils’ security protocols that allow them to enter and infect their computer systems, many of which are outdated, before demanding a ransom. While all consistories usually refuse to pay, these cyberattacks are not always reported and rarely prosecuted, according to telematics crime experts.

The municipalities of Carcaixent, Cheste or Manises have experienced this type of computer attack in recent years, as well as the port of Castelo.

Sometimes, as was the case in 2020. In the case of the October cyber attack on the Carcaixent town hall, cybercriminals use e-mail. an email that is opened by any employee on one of the municipality’s computers to use the Trojan virus to infect the rest and enter the municipality’s servers. the respective municipality. Therefore, it is important not to open links of unknown or suspicious origin.


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