This is how you can take advantage of the Bitcoin crash: a trick that shows you the exact moment to invest

The instability that Bitcoin In recent months, it has been difficult to clearly predict when is the best time to buy or sell cryptocurrency.

To facilitate this, the company MicroStrategy. announced the launch of a free platform that allows you to compare the performance of bitcoin over time.

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We’ll explain how this new tool works below, which lets you compare the world’s leading cryptocurrency against over 500 assets including stocks, metals and fiat currencies.

how the tool works to invest in bitcoins

As reported by the company, This is a portal where you can compare performance Bitcoin with different types of investments.

For example, currently US dollar offers a Bitcoin return of 249% compared to the last 12 months, 31% in the last three months and 19% in the last month, and lost 50% in 5 years.

This HyperIntelligence technology speeds up and simplifies decision-making without the need for clicks or multiple screens.“, I explain Luis LombardiRegional Director for Latin America MicroStrategy.

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It should be remembered that the company is one of the largest investors in Bitcoin today, with approximately 130,000 BTC tokens worth $2 billion at today’s prices..

Second, The platform also allows you to compare the potential future performance of Bitcoin against 500 available assets based on the current performance of the cryptocurrency..

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