Unified QR code for bitcoin and Lightning plus store brands

BTPCay Server, a free and open source Bitcoin-based payment processor, has added some great improvements to its new version 1.7.0, released today, November 25th. Among them, the ability to enable a unique QR code stands out, which serves both to receive direct payments in Bitcoin (on the main network) and on the Lightning micropayment network.

According to the developers of BTCPay, “Lightning is Bitcoin” and they believe that the user “should never have to consider a payment method”. However, it’s worth clarifying that while Bitcoin (BTC) is used on the Lightning network, it’s not the same bitcoin “cash” Bitcoin network than “check” from red Lightning paid in bitcoins. As detailed in Criptopedia (CriptoNoticias education section), the advantage of this network is that enables instant and inexpensive micropayments.

About BTCPay functionality, detail developers:

All your customer sees is a (unique) QR code. If they have an on-chain wallet (Bitcoin network), you will pay on the network. If you have a Lightning wallet, it should be Lightning by default. If the wallet is both on-chain and Lightning, it should tell the user how they want to pay or make the decision for the user.

BTCPay Development Team.

QR code
On the left you can see an interface with a separate payment QR, Bitcoin and Lightning; on the right a unified QR. Source: BTC Pay Server.

A better brand experience

White label servers are another great upgrade for those using this payment processor. Now admins can customize your stores by changing your logo and default colors their companies’ BTPay, thereby providing a better brand experience to their customers.

BTPCay adds that the color and branding features will soon be extended to “all store-level public pages such as payment requests, receipts and refunds.”

New personalization features improve branding and user experience. Source: BTCPay.

In addition to the above changes, BTCPay version 1.7.0 also simplifies the process tills by default when teaching by hiding advanced information. Users can access them only when they want to.

The counter will also only be displayed when 10% of the time is left until the payment is cancelled. The “Copy Address” option has been removed and is now copied when you click the QR.

Finally added a the ability to create forms collect necessary information from customers. The example they provide is a shipping address if you need to ship a physical product.

For those who use OpenCartthe developers add that the integration with this e-commerce platform is already complete.

Source: news.google.com

Founder of Brazilian Bitcoin Citadel
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