What has changed in El Salvador since the introduction of Bitcoin?

Mónica Tather, Salvadoran government representative, entrepreneur and fintech investment specialistanswered the media about the current context of El Salvador about what their path has been in the introduction of cryptocurrencies since they approved the Bitcoin law last year.

First, Tather spoke about his government’s relationship with Spain and mentioned that he was in the Iberian country in March and also plans to return this week because many companies Spanish women are interested in their country.

On the other hand, he gave an account of Bitcoin Salvador and stated that the proposal to make the currency a legal tender was not something that was born that way because it was actually something that had been in the works since 2018 when the current government campaigned and knew that Nayib Bukele was very likely to win with his popularity. “Then we wrote ideas for work plans, this is where the Digital Agenda was born, where basically the innovation secretariat sets the tone for digital change in the country to modernize it, is part of blockchain, digital identity and cryptocurrencies not specifically Bitcoin, but yes, cryptocurrencies”Thather said.

In this sense, he also commented that when the president made an announcement at the Bitcoin conference in Miami last year, they literally fell into an avalanche of companies and companies that they could not cope with. “We didn’t think there would be a worldwide reaction. Companies from Europe, USA, Canada, Singapore, Mexico and the rest of Latin America came to us.emphasized the representative of El Salvador.

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Also, Tather used the opportunity to emphasize that he also achieved social achievements in his country before the world by implementing Bitcoin. “We’ve managed to change the paradigm that we had around the world as a country, we were known as a country with gangs and crime, which is down 95 percent. and this gives investors confidence in our country. It’s a 180-degree change that we’re bringing and we’re very excited about it.stated

“We are currently working with an association that we observe that many companies not only create a lot of jobs, but also invest a lot, and Salvadorans observe this for our country by improving the infrastructure.”he added.

The role of education in the adoption of cryptocurrency also needs to be fixed

For his part, Tather treated the issue of education as an important part of everything his country did and would do. She insists it won’t happen adoption a huge if private sector, the government and academia do not come together to address the 6.5 million Salvadorans and another 3.2 million abroad as migrants. “The Ministry of Education is carrying out an education reform to introduce bitcoin, crypto-currency and blockchain issues from primary school.he mentioned.

“We also have to take into account that we are the first in this process, to try and learn, yes, maybe I would recommend who is going to do this, this is the educational part, to inject more resources and time into the educational parts. We cannot expect all residents to understand these changes”he added Tather, who described opposition to the bitcoin bill as a sign of democracy Savior, And that made it necessary to learn more about what was being done with the government’s plan.

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“There are far more people for than against”he emphasized.

a question of law

Finally, Tather mentioned this they come in 52 laws which will suppress the ecosystem decentralized finance that they create, according to him, among them is the law for startups regardless of whether it is cryptocurrency, the law mining, DAOCreative Industries Act.

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