What Will Bitcoin Be Worth in 2023?

The most important crypto assets are performing erratically, and some experts are encouraged to predict what its price will be next year

Opinions on what the price will be in the future Bitcoin (BTC) It is divided because some experts believe that the price of the token will rise again, while others believe that it will collapse in the coming years.

Most analysts and technical indicators suggest that it may bottom out 12,000 u$ and 16,000 u$over the next few months.

This is due to a volatile macroeconomic environment, stock prices, inflation, data from the US Federal Reserve (FED) and a possible recession that will continue until 2024.

On the contrary, influencers, BTC maximalists and fans have claimed that the price will rise to $80,000 and above.

While there is evidence to support both sides, there are arguments to support that the possibility of BTC price falling sharply in the coming months may be true, but it will increase in 2023. in the middle or at the end.

Bitcoin: The Current Cryptocurrency Landscape

Bitcoin is coming off a weekly rally and maintained a small trading range.

    BTC could hit six figures in five years.

Bitcoin could hit six figures within five years, according to analyst Mike McGlone.

Regardless of the predictions of a possible rally, the pair will need to decide on a trajectory or even a signal that a breakout up or down is coming.

After a brief period of enthusiasm following US economic data, BTC is back to square onebecause the price is found at the same point as last week.

During the first 2022 decreased sharply during the first half of the year in volatile conditions, in the last months they saw one lack of volatility mysterious cases.

Bitcoin closes the week with no new bearish impulses and holding in the current zone

The Bitcoin Historical Volatility Index It is seen at least a few times.

Bitcoin at $100,000?: Mike McGlone’s Prediction

For Bloomberg Commodity Manager Bitcoin would not receive will increase five times the current price in just a few months.

This is what Mike McGlone brought up BTC can reach six figures in five years.

Mike McGlone, a senior analyst at Bloomberg, who claimed that BTC is at a discount and that the recovery will increase to $100 million.

Mike McGlone, a senior analyst at Bloomberg, said that BTC’s recovery will extend to $100,000.

According to the specialist, the cryptocurrency is in the process of correction, almost a year away from the maximum values, which are close US$69,000 per unit.

A few months ago, the entire cryptocurrency market went through a hard autumnin which most assets hit all-time lows.

In a year of many blows to digital currencies, several specialists predict a a gloomy scene in the near future.

How much is Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies in Argentina?

This Sunday, October 23 quotes the average of major cryptocurrencies a exchanges with Argentines were as follows:

  • Bitcoin: $5,729,900.00
  • Ethereum: $390,944.19
  • BNB: $82,336.06
  • Gimbal: $106.67
  • Fee: $253.01
  • Solana: $8,378,88
  • Ripple: $134.44

Source: news.google.com

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