When will the price of Bitcoin stabilize?

Updated: 2022-10-04 08:47

Several factors contribute to this price volatility bitcoin. Price fluctuations and uncertainty will exist until there are no more variables. For example, one of the main reasons why prices are constantly changing is limited availability. We don’t have enough coins in circulation, so it is vulnerable to liquidity issues.

The total value of Bitcoin in use today is around $60 billion. And this is much less than the common currency, which is in the trillions of dollars. The lack of liquidity means that if an investor buys or sells a large amount of cryptocurrency at once, the market becomes destabilized. Therefore, its price increases or decreases accordingly.

The value of Bitcoin will stabilize only when all the contributing factors are taken into account by the stakeholders. Sufficient coins must be used to ensure liquidity. In addition, the cryptocurrency should gain almost 100% acceptance and adoption worldwide through its platform. Immediate Edge. And it may happen sooner or later, because no one can predict the future with certainty. These are some of the conditions according to which bitcoin price It will probably stabilize.

If mining ends

Cryptocurrency networks like Bitcoin and Ethereum rely on a complex process called mining to tap into more coins in circulation. Bonuses are usually rewards to miners for handling transactions. Therefore, as the mining process slows down, the number of coins in circulation will decrease.

On the other hand, during heavy mining activity, we will have more bitcoins on the network. However, since virtual currencies obey the laws of supply and demand, prices will vary depending on the progress of mining. Surprisingly, that’s not all. the phenomenon is called in half typically halving the value of each currency. And as a result, your share price will drop drastically. The in half Bitcoin also translates price increase. It happens every four years, and the price always goes up after the phenomenon. Also, its value fluctuated as more coins were added to the system. Therefore, the price is likely to become relatively stable after the extraction of 21 million. of this cryptocurrency, which was established by the founder.

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Validation and Universal Use

While we cannot argue with the growing importance of Bitcoin in the global economy, it is important to note that only a few countries have embraced this technology. In most cases, these are countries whose fiat currency systems have failed horribly. Also, in most countries of the world, various governments still have options to adopt this technology or not.

Some governments are fighting cryptocurrencies because of their decentralized nature. Bitcoin makes them feel inferior because they can’t do anything to fix it. Also, not all companies have implemented cryptocurrency payments. A global acceptance of bitcoin will ensure that there are enough coins in circulation. And this will provide the necessary liquidity, making this cryptocurrency more stable. With liquidity, its price barely fluctuates.

If fraud is reduced

Due to the fraudulent activities associated with online systems such as cryptocurrency, most people dismissed this cryptocurrency when it first appeared. Almost everyone believed that they would lose their wealth if they used or invested in Bitcoin. Therefore, it took many years to neutralize the beliefs.

Any news about cryptocurrencies usually spreads around the world very quickly. If the information is positive, its value is evaluated. However, prices fall if the information is negative. Various cryptocurrency news has always made everyone invest based on speculation, and not to realities or economic principles. Therefore, the price of Bitcoin will stabilize quickly if all fraudulent activities are stopped or greatly reduced.


There is no specific time when the prices of digital currencies such as Bitcoin will stabilize. However, some situations can increase stability.

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This includes near-total universal adoption or abolition unfair practices on the Bitcoin network. End of the mining process it can also significantly contribute to the stabilization of the price of the world’s most widespread cryptocurrency.

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