Where Will Bitcoin Price Go After Touching $21,000?

Bitcoin (BTC) continued its ascent that began overnight on October 26. trading $21,000 for a few seconds at noon. Immediately after that, it dropped slightly to $20,700. These were the highest prices in a month and a half, prompting a wave of fresh predictions about how it will continue.

According to trader Michael van de Poppe, Bitcoin’s next resistance will be at $22,400. though evaluated that it is necessary to consolidate its price within the current range before further reaching such a target.

And also hopes that it will happen ether (ETH) and other cryptocurrencies that they had a rise followed by bitcoin, as reported by CriptoNoticias. “I think we’re going to have some consolidation,” to summarize of the Pope.

The price of Bitcoin rose to the highest in a month and a half. Font: TradingView..

From Different Eyes – Trader David Battaglia of India that bitcoin’s rise seems “fairly sustainable” and can go as high as $21,100. However, he clarified that he would not be surprised if stand up up to $20,400. And he added that if this move down is very strong, it could fall to $20,000 to consolidate psychological support.

Because of this, Battaglia concluded that he thought it was a good idea. “take profit” at $21,100. This prediction comes after a day designed possibility that bitcoins rose as the dollar index fell slightly.

About the carpet as well Express investor with nearly a million followers, Ben Armstrong. He is convinced that this movement is “not yet bright in the short term”, although he classified it as “good news”. And added that “the bottom should be close,” speculating that we could be close to bear market lows.

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Source: news.google.com

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