“With inflation ranging from 80% to 100%, bitcoins are safer to own than pesos” – Unidiversidad

This was stated in #ChatEconomic by Adrián Acevedo, UNCUYO Faculty of Economics Professor and Corporate Finance Expert. He talked about the Argentine-Argentinian relationship with cryptocurrencies.

To Argentinalike the world cryptocurrencies They are growing in popularity as they gain importance in the daily lives of those who seek to save without limitations or traps. However, what appears to be an easy and affordable market to invest in can turn into a much more complicated process. That’s why #Economic conversation interviewed Adrián Acevedo, professor and corporate finance expert at UNCUYO’s Faculty of Economicswho explained the world of cryptocurrencies: what they are, how to invest and what is the Argentinean relationship with virtual currency.

“From a macroeconomic perspective, the idea of ​​investing is basically trying to make money. Thus, people who are encouraged to invest in the world of cryptocurrencies are protected from inflation affecting them. There are several legal and illegal ways to convert pesos into cryptocurrency. It can be created through platforms through transfers to be transferred to cryptocurrencies,” he said.

In Argentina, the expert explained, buying cryptocurrencies is completely legal and they are recognized as personal property.

“They are recognized not as money, but as a commodity, the purchase of which contains a record of the purchase of a commodity or commodity. Although there are infinite cryptocurrencies, the person doing this buying activity needs to know what they are doing, know the profile of cryptocurrencies, have any support, whether it is a project with infinite or finite issuance. and also understand that it has impermanence. There are cryptocurrencies that are always pegged to one dollar, while others fluctuate. Therefore, it is important to understand what you are buying,” he explained.

Speaking about the current situation in the world of cryptocurrencies, Acevedo said that the trend in the country has been increasing over the years. This is due to the current economic paradox. “Today we are embracing cryptocurrency, but at a much slower pace due to the economic paradox we live in. Where inflation ranges from 80% to 100%, bitcoins are safer to own than Argentine pesos,” he emphasized.

Cryptocurrency market today: what is the value of bitcoin

As far as the world is concerned, cryptocurrencies are what economists call them “Bear Market”.

“For a long time now, the financial world has been reporting this spike in prices because of this huge money emission from many countries that has flooded all the assets, stock markets, etc. Over the days, that peak has decreased and is found in average normal values, or relative to the time the globe moves economically. Although, as we mentioned earlier, the situation is a bit more complicated,” he stamped.

Source: www.unidiversidad.com.ar

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