1171 series from season 24 Pokémon Meister-Reisen: The Series via Super RTL live and on TV.

Today, 2022. A new series of Pokémon Master Journeys: The Series is shown on TV on May 15th. 10.30 am you should enable Groß RTL. so as not to miss the anime series. Season 24 begins the 1171 series (“Mega-Scale Adventure!”). If you want to watch digital TV, Super RTL also has live streaming online.

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Today on TV and live on Pokémon Mаster Journeys: The Series with “The Epic Adventure!

Everyone only talks about Mega Evolution after Esh and Goh see Connie and her Mega Lucario win the fight. Connie presents Ashui Mega Gauntlet with Keystone. Since Lucario is short of his Lukarionites and unable to develop them, our heroes travel to Mega Island to look for them. (Source: FUNKE program magazines, broadcast by Super RTL.)

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2022 May 15 Pokémon Mаster Journeys: The Series will be shown as a repetition of An Adventure with Mega Dimensions! both online and on TV.

Can’t see Pokémon Mаster Journeys: The Series at 10:30? today? Check out the Super RTL Media Library. This means that various TV reports on the Internet are available as video-on-demand – even after the first TV broadcast. 2022 On May 21, at about 10:30 a.m., Super RTL will air the 1171 series from Season 24 (“The Adventure of Epic Proportions!”). After the series aired on TV, you can usually find it online as well. Unfortunately, not all programs are suitable for this.

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Today on TV: Pokémon Mаster Journeys: The Series with all the actors and information “An Adventure of Epic Proportions!

Starring: Ikue Otani and Rica Matsumoto

Date: 2022-05-15 (first edition)

address: Super RTL

Episode: Season 1171/24 (Mega-Adventure!)

Genre: Anime-series

FSK: Approved from 6 years

Year of production: 2020

Duration: 25 minutes (from 10:30) from 10:55 to 10:55

HD: Yes

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Season information and serial numbers are assigned by each broadcaster and may differ from the official title of the series guide.

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