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After the success of Darkness, curiosity about the new Netflix series created by Baran Bo Odar and Jantje Friese has been huge, and this is now reflected in the viewing figures of 1899 on the streaming service, both in Germany and in other countries. of the world.

Time Travel MindfuckDark” was at least as popular in other countries as it was in his country of origin, Germany. The first three seasons of the German series on Netflix have been a complete success for the streaming service provider – and everyone is even more excited about the director’s follow-up project after 2020. Baran bo Odar and the author Jantje frieze waiting This is called “in 1899” and has been standing for a week Netflix ready for pickup.

And as Netflix’s now-released numbers for last week show, 1899 has become the expected hit. The fact that the series is also SO successful outside of Germany might have surprised even Netflix. One thing’s for sure: 1899 can also compete with the streaming service’s current international hits…

Right after The Crown season 5

Anyone who has looked at Netflix in this country in recent days should have seen that 1899 has been the undisputed leader of the platform’s top ten most-watched series since its release. But this is not the case only in Germany. In countries like Brazil, Romania, Ukraine and Egypt, the mystery game may have topped the list. However, it was not enough to take the lead on a global scale.

in 2022 November 14-20 1 Global Content on Netflix Heads to Season 5 Released in 2022 November 9Crown“, which was watched by a total of 84.3 million people during this period. 1899 is in second place with 79.3 million. hours, right after it – and may have even surpassed The Crown for the same number of episodes (Season 5 has ten episodes here, while the first season of 1899 only had eight episodes, resulting in a shorter total runtime).

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Be careful when choosing the language “1899”! This is how you watch a Netflix series “properly”.

However, it should also be noted that the new episodes of The Crown started a week earlier and now interest has waned a bit. Upon its release, the current season of the historical series had an impressive 107.4 million hours of viewing time, which would have overtaken 1899 without any consequences. Either way, it’s a close race. And it’s a great achievement, too, because 1899 is completely over-the-top and The Crown is a long-established hit.

Winner of a mystery duel with Manifest

But even more amazing: 1899 could also rely on a series of cryptic puzzles “Manifesto“to put something in placewhich was canceled after three seasons to much fanfare and was therefore revived by Netflix for a fourth and final season.

The first part of this season, which has already been released, received 57.1 million views after its release. You could even bump it up again next week, bringing the weekly value to 74.8 million hours, but you’re still behind 1899’s opening tally (although the new addition to Manifesto also has a full ten episodes).

In one respect, even The Crown was beaten

Although 1899 loses out to The Crown in terms of viewing time and came “only” second to the British High Society series in important markets such as the US and Great Britain, it fared better in one respect:

1899 managed to break into the top 10 for current series in a total of 90 countries where Netflix is ​​available, while The Crown’s fifth season reached 86 in the same period and “only” aired in its opening week. 88 countries. Now it remains to be seen how much staying power the new German mystery series will have and how the numbers will look in the second week, especially further compared to The Crown and Manifest.

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On the 1899 podcast

By the way, if watching 1899 leaves you wondering what really just happened and what all the puzzles and twists might mean, we recommend you not only An explanatory article about the end of the first seasonbut also the current stream browsing from our colleagues at the Moviepilot podcast….

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