2022 lion deck: 7th series products

Lions creep in again: In the 11th season of the VOX start-up show Die Höhle der Löwen, investors are once again looking for exciting products and business ideas and candidates for lucrative deals that will encourage their start-ups. Forward. Here you will find all the information about the new season.

Products, offers and broken offers

In each “Lion’s Pit” series, the starters – usually five in each show – introduce themselves to the lions and expect an investment. Here, after the series, you can find out which products are on the show, who made the deal and who later collapsed.

Series 7 (May 16)

NiceTarts: Markus Smarzoch (32) and Andrea Schlumpp (31) present their mini cakes from the freezer. According to the founders, their taste is reminiscent of candy, but they do not contain added sugar. “The secret lies in their ingredients. They consist of an almond and date base with a cream filling made from natural ingredients such as fruits, nuts and superfoods like cocoa or dates.” They both want 150,000 euros and offer a 20 percent stake in the company.


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Mijasi: Former police officer Isabel Bäring (44) is now in charge of her aesthetic medicine practice. It has created a liquid that protects the skin from the bluish light of digital screens. Her bid: € 50,000 for 20%.

NIVILLI: Wilhelm Willi Frank (40) presents his nailed clogs to lions. When filling the floor with liquid filler and leveling compound, craftsmen must wear shoes that do not come into direct contact with the floor – the so-called studded shoes. Willis clogs are designed so that they do not rotate. For the garden, it also offers a prickly shoe, which can be used to ventilate the lawn without much physical exertion. He wants 300,000 euros for 15 percent of the company’s shares.

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Aivy: Florian Dyballa (31), Boas Bamberger (30), David Biller (34) and Arbnor Raci (29) have developed a game-based career app. Consumers explore their potential by playing science-based, psychological ‘challenges’ and are then presented with an individual strength profile. The founders offer a ten percent stake in the company for 450,000 euros.

VapoWesp: The expulsion of wasps naturally is the goal of Claudia (49) and Leslie (17) Eckert. They have created a smoking box made of bamboo with an inner container made of stainless steel in which the coffee powder can glow safely. Her request: € 75,000 for 35%.

Series 6 (May 9)

deep.one: Stefan Sube (45), Frederic Podzuweit (40) and Stefan Mittnik (66) created an audio device that allows the deaf to hear music. “You have to turn music into strong vibrations,” they explain. But the device should also enhance the audio experience for gamers and movie fans. In order to conquer the entertainment market, the three founders need an investment of 200,000 euros and offer ten percent of the company’s shares in return.
CONDITIONS: Georg Kofler invests for 25 percent. After that, the deal is not available, as Kofler points out Instagram explained. The reason is the global chip crisis.

Stevi & Schnück’s Dog Jam: Stevi Page (47) and her Dalmatian bitch Schnücks want to bring people and dogs even closer with their dog jam. There are four types of jam (unicorn, bratwurst, white sausage and love) and it does not contain sugar, salt or preservatives. In addition to the € 60,000 investment, Stevi’s production requires a lion and a network with negotiation skills. In exchange, it offers 20 percent of its business, which is not yet established.

NetProof: Katharina Bisset (37), Michael Lanzinger (39), Philipp Omenitsch (30) and Thomas Schreiber (31) want to do something about hate comments online. Their software protects evidence of hate online, making it easier to enforce in the police or courts. For their company, they would like an investment of 90,000 euros for 15 percent of the company’s shares.
CONDITIONS: Carsten Maschmeyer and Nils Glagau are investing on the terms they want. Maschmeyer even immediately writes a check. And Nico Rosberg gives an extra 10,000 euros for nothing.

uready: Oguzan Albayrak (44) invented the running e-trick. It combines walking aids and email. mobility entertainment. This …

It will continue this way from Wednesday, 2022. November 16

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