7 vs. Wild: Panama – Series 6 falls into the water, contenders upset

die new season 2 episode survival show Outdoor influencer Fritz Meinecke had everything again. From now on two and a half weeks has 7 vs. Wild: Panama millions of viewers while breathing. Payment even surpassing the images of the first season. “7 vs. Wild is considered to be the largest European content creator project in YouTube history. Presents himself in the current episode death island where seven candidates have to survive for seven days, on his “best” side. Heavy rain, wild crocodiles and a ruthless pest why on the nerves Knossi, Starletnova, Sascha Huber & Co.

7 vs Wild: Panama – Cold, wet and bloody

Every cliché Sun, palm trees, white sand and blue sea immediately removes the new series 7 against the savages. to San Jose Island is nothing short of a vacation paradise. On the evening of the second day, it rained. Here’s the problem: Candidates can’t get fired up under these conditions. However, it would be important for sweaty people as well completely soaked clothes dry overnight.

How the creators of the show let the audience know, people can do it themselves cool above 20 degrees Celsius, when wind and rain meet. And so it will be second night 7 vs. Wild: Panama is very uncomfortable for most players. One of the few who managed to get some sleep despite the adverse circumstances Sasha Huber. But the fitness influencer from Austria has a completely different problem.

Apparently, it does not tolerate fresh water on the island. He complains of dizziness. He also has flowers in his stomach. Also he cuts himself also finger-deep because he ignores the golden rule when working with a machete: “Movement always away from the body!” Blood gushes from his wound. Himself smaller cuts can become a major problem in tropical areas. to wound healing runs slower and risk of infection increases significantly.

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7 vs. Savages: Knossi’s recklessness, Nova’s loneliness, and the crocodile at Jori

Knossos surprising his fans and skeptics equally. He is still around and working despite the lack of sleep to stay in the mood until the end Seven days pulled through. But it tempts him Addiction to nicotine to the point of stupidity. In order to light one of the seven cigarettes he took with him to the island at the aid station, he lights up despite the rain fire in the trunk living palm tree Here, the Internet star is very negligent, as shown by the producers, in showing the information displayed.

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Starletnova, die in preparation for the second season of 7 vs. Savages, the Internet was bombarded with hateful comments A very special method is used for this her loneliness to fight she uses “tactical cry”release tension and strong emotions to the extreme sympathetic way get rid of

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