7 vs. Wild: When will Season 2 resume? – Series 9 date

enabled YouTube survival show from Germany is very exciting. Caption: “7 vs. Wild“. A must at this show seven candidates seven days in one a desert island in Panama to survive – each for himself. Candidates are more or less well-known influencers, including Streamer Knossi.

After a successful premiere last year, when the candidates had to endure a week of solitude in Sweden, they are now heading to the jungles of South America. With minimal equipment, Participants in this survival show against hunger, nature, crocodiles and other challenges.

Participants must film their own struggle for survival on a desert island. can i light up Where can I spend the night without snakes and insects? What am I eating and drinking today?

7 vs. Wild Episodes: This is Season 2 so far

Edited movies will be available as episodes posted on YouTube. How many episodes the survival show will eventually have is not yet known. Last year, there were 16 episodes in the end.

die Season 2 of the show YouTube has been live since November 5. The following episodes have been released so far:

When will the new 7 vs. Wild episode (Episode 8)?

The next episode of Season 2, 7 vs. Wild” should appear in 2022 Saturday, December 3 show up at 6 p.m. If the series creators stay true to their publishing rhythm, other episodes will follow every Wednesday and Saturday at 6 p.m.

7 vs Savage Season 2 Filming Location

Season 2 of the survival show “7 vs. Wild” will take place in a A private island in the Gulf of Panama It turned out. And this island has a military secret. More on this in this additional article:

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