A few losses in the new Bergdoktor season!

Since the beginning of May, Ellmau am Wilden Kaiser has been busy with a new job “mountain doctor”season, which will probably be shown again on ZDF early next year. But fans of the show don’t want to wait that long to learn new things about Martin, Lilli and Co.! So it’s no surprise that every Instagram story of the cast is followed, every statement analyzed, and every photo scrutinized because they might provide clues about the plot of Season 16.

Bergdoktor Season 16: Cast suffers many losses

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This is also the first official photo of the cast, which was recently shared by Linn actress Andrea Gerhard on the platform. It was photographed by ZDF photographer Erika Hauri, who arranges the Gruber family around the tractor and shows the connection with agriculture and the family’s main source of livelihood for decades.

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Monika Baumgartner as Lisbeth, Heiko Ruprecht as Hans, Andrea Gerhard as Linn, Ronja Forcher as Lilli and Hans Sigl as Martin smile at the camera against the picturesque backdrop of the Alps. In addition to the Bergdoktor, who looks a bit confused by his longer beard, the constellation also catches the eye. Both point to a loss that Martin first had to experience, but ultimately the rest of the family had to experience as well: Anne (Ines Lutz), who in Seasons 14 and 15 was still part of the narrow cast as Martin’s future. circle, broke All connections ended at the end of the season and left Ellmau. It is not easy for the mountain doctor who also had to face the death of his son!

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Bergdoktor 2020 photo of the start of filming. Photo: ZDF / Erika Hauri

Apparently, in the new episodes, the Grubers will become closer as a family, because at least at the beginning of the new season, Martin’s pain will not be overcome yet and the doctor will be grateful for any support.

He’s not the only one who has to go through a breakup: Lilli, who actually envisioned a life with her boyfriend Robert (Timon Ballenberger), also ended the relationship when she discovered that her boyfriend was anything but good to her. In the future, she will take new steps both professionally and privately.

“Mountain Doctor” actors in 2021 Photo: ZDF / Erika Hauri

For at least one person, things seem to be going well when it comes to love in Season 16: Hans and Lin have solidified their relationship and are now part of a family, too. But how will they deal with Hans’ ex-boyfriend dating Susanne Linn’s father?

We can be excited! Check out what else is known about season 16 in the video below:

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