A Look at the Finale – This is what happened in the last episode of the zombie series

The trailer for The Walking Dead’s grand finale already hinted at it, now we have it for sure: the end of the series is absolutely epic.

Twelve years already “Walking Dead” dominated the zombie genre, and now the grand finale brings the series to a fitting end. We’ll tell you what it is eleventh season happens and how the series ends. The official trailer gives a first impression:

Warning, spoilers follow to all 24 episodes of the eleventh season. If you haven’t seen them yet, now is your chance to do so Disney+. catch up If you want to read the plot, you can find the article for each episode here:

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Walkers take over the Commonwealth – and Pamela’s selfishness kills

The latest episode of The Walking Dead, titled “Rest in Peace,” brings to life what was already in episode 23: a large number of walkers invade the Commonwealth and throw the community into chaos. Hungry mouths attack as the first victims Jules (Alex Sgambati) who recently rejoined the group. Lukas (Dan Folger), who she ran off with in Oceanside, tries to rush to her aid and bites his own leg. Although you can Magna (Nadia Hiller) Yumiko (Eleanor Matsuura), Kelly (Angel theory) and Connie (Lauren Ridloff) takes him to the hospital to have his leg removed, but the former music teacher does not survive the amputation.

Reason: Gouverneurin Milton (Laila Robins) earlier, all hospital staff were brought, bandages and medicine were brought to the fenced off area of ​​the wealthy residents, so it is impossible to stop the bleeding. Before Luke closes his eyes forever, his former travel companions promise him, “Your music will always be with us.”

Judith’s life has been in danger for a long time

Judith’s life was also put in danger when Milton shot her in episode 23. He believed in the hospital Daryl (Norman Reedus) to actually find help for the girl, instead he is knocked out and Judith passes out again. Fortunately for her, her allies move up over time, so Daryl, considered the ideal blood type 0 donor, is able to keep Judith alive with a blood transfusion.

However, her condition remains critical Lydia (Cassady McClincy), died von Aaron (Ross Marquand) is brought to the Commonwealth in desperate need of help. We remind you that she had to amputate her hand due to a zombie bite. However, the only person who can bring the injured to Milton’s protected area is in the prison. So hesitate Max (Margot Bingham) and Princess (Paola Lázaro) short and free commander Mercer (Michael James Shaw) from the underworld.

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In fact, thanks to Mercer, they manage to sneak into the community’s fenced-off area, where Dr. Tommy (Ian Anthony Dale) can attend to the welfare of the wounded.

Negan’s words touch Maggie, but she can’t forgive him

Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) has the same goal: to end Pamela’s life once and for all. Although Negan is interested in working together, Maggie flatly refuses. Negan then steals her sniper rifle and explains:

“If you shoot Pammy with that thing, all hell will break loose. And you won’t come back. But you have to go back. So I’ll take care of it.”

But that’s not all, as Negan profusely apologized for even…

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