A new love for Ben has been announced!

From the first half of the fourth season “Manifesto” Released on Netflix in early November, fans are eagerly awaiting the second season, which will also mark the end of the series. Although the release date of the last ten episodes has not yet been officially announced, the cast has revealed it But Josh Dallas is now in front of TVLinewhat fans can expect in the new series.

Among other things, he talked about the dramatic serial death of Zeke, which ended the first half of the season. Michaela’s husband sacrificed his life for his nephew when he realized that Cal held the key to saving humanity from impending doom. A shock to all Manifesto viewers, but especially to the Stones! The family will spend the rest of their time apart, but there is a reason for that, the actor said. But losing Zeke will also bring them closer together. Above all, Ben will try to accompany Michaela through her grief, but also to give her space because he knows that she has to deal with the loss in her own way.

Also, the second part of Manifesto’s final season will have several “twists” and “it’s amazing where our characters will end up,” the Beno actor continues. These twists and turns almost certainly affected Angelina, who was able to secure the sapphire at the end of the last episode. Josh Dallas seemed to confirm this later in an interview: “I think she’s definitely going to be able to lower the lifeboat and she’s going to try to do it.” In order to save the passengers of Flight 828 and the rest of humanity, Ben and his family must find out where Angelina’s dark side comes from.

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Manifesto: Will Ben and Saanvi Fall in Love in Season 4 Finale?

As the clock ticks faster, Ben reconnects with his old self. Although he’s scarred by what he’s been through — his wife Grace dead, his daughter Eden missing for years, his son Cal close to death — his heart is slowly “opening up again,” promises Josh Dallas. It goes without saying that fans have one person in mind when they make this comment: Saanvi! The scientist was once in love with Ben – and despite his deep love for Grace, he also seemed to feel a close bond with Saanvi, which viewers almost felt was a little shrill at times in the early seasons. So could there be more before the finale begins?

Also interesting:

Josh Dallas also provided an answer to this. “They are very similar in many, many ways. They share a bond and a deep friendship and a deep love and respect for each other,” says the actor. Whoops – did he say love? Indeed! But the “Manifesto” star doesn’t seem to want to predict everything, as the conversation quickly drifts: “It’s two single people and we’ll see where it goes. I think they’re both desperate for a connection, whether it’s with each other or something, or if there’s a connection that’s beyond the whole…”

So we can see if a new Manifesto pair will appear before the death date! Ben and Saanvi couldn’t be the only ones: Michaela and Jared never ended their love story either. It remains to be seen if Jared will be able to win back his ex-fiancé, even as she mourns her dead husband…

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