After Season 4 of Strangers: Unanswered Questions

Strangers Season 4 Part 1: These are the biggest open questions after the final

Caution: You should watch the first part of the fourth season before reading, because we are talking about SPOILERS

The first part fourth season of “Foreign things“But we haven’t got any real conclusions – of course, the second half of the fourth season is still waiting 2022 July 1 Netflix.. But the last episode of the first part left us with more questions than answers. As eleven faced the greatest threat, “Foreign things“Nancy is no longer in the world we know. So what do we expect in the second half of the fourth season?Foreign things”? First of all, for a few answers, because we still have a few unanswered questions!

Will the eleven regain all his strength and succeed in defeating Vecna?

After this Eleven At the end of season 3, they lost their power, we already knew they would come back somehow – because what is Stranger Things without Eleven and her telekinesis? And then it comes out quite differently than we expected: its powers were already there all the time, just forgetting how to use them. For this purpose, the project “Nina” has been created, with which she can relive moments from her past. So we learn that eleven opened the gate to Upside Down to prevent her “older brother” One (ie 001) and her from being killed when he had already killed all her brothers and sisters. So she maneuvered 001 into a parallel world and, trapped upside down, he turned to Vecna ​​- PLOT TWIST.

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Now our question remains: has the eleven regained all its power? How has One acquired His powers and will His past still matter? Also, will Eleven defeat Vecna ​​herself, or does she need help from another experiment from Hawkins Lab (we’re looking at you, 008)?

What will happen to Nancy and Steve?

We feel back in the first season – Jonathan, Nancy and Steve apparently found himself in the “love triangle” again. Although Nancy and Jonathan have some communication problems and the long-term relationship breaks down, it does apparentlychemistry that still exists between Nancy and Steve. Also, Steve’s dating life doesn’t look very good – he’s just watching One. Is that Nancy?

But we’re not just wondering about romance – the two Strangers stars aren’t safe at the end of the fourth season. Steve is still upside down, and Nancy caught Vecna ​​and took her to her nightmare kingdom. Can Nancy Vecna ​​escape? Can she save Steve? And perhaps most importantly, what’s your favorite song?

Do Mind Flayer and Vecna ​​work together?

The mind-boggler was the greatest villain second and third seasons In “foreign things,” he also proved that his powers were strong enough to threaten all of Hokins. This season brings us Vecna ​​as a major antagonist and it gives Mind Flayer some serious competition.

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