AFTERPLAY – Landesliga Season 2


FSV explains everything early on

Duty accomplished – FSV Rheinfelden fulfilled their role as favorites with a 5-0 win over Landesliga penultimate SV Endingen. FSV are still three points above the relegation zone, but only six points behind second-placed SV Weil. “It was a strong team performance,” said FSV coach Musa Musliu, whose side were 4-0 up after just 25 minutes. Fantastic score 3:0: Serkan Korkmaz kicked the free kick into the top corner (19′). After the change, things went a little calmer. “We took our foot off the gas pedal,” said M. Musliu, who still sees an opportunity. Anton Weis hit the crossbar and substitute Tunahan Kocer later made it 5-0 (68′). “The first half was very good. I’m glad that all our attacking players scored,” said Musliu.

FSV: O. Ozan; Salli, Korkmaz, Fischer, Aslan; A. Kassem (67. Atlija), Weis; Guglielmellis (74. Georgiou), Mislimović; Stanglas (51. Kocer), De Franco (56. Semenschuk). Tore: 1:0 Stangl (10), 2:0 De Franco (12), 3:0 Korkmaz (19), 4:0 Mislimovic (25), 5:0 Kocer (68). SR: L. Fleig (Brigachtal). ZS: 150.

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