Air dates and location of season 5 on RTL, episode 9

The fourth season of Temptation Island has been on RTL since mid-June. In this article, we have all the information about the dates and locations of the broadcasts.

address RTL “Island of Temptations” will start operating in 2022. with the new season. Four couples put their relationships to the test in a reality show.

In Season 4, the couples are divided into two mansions, as usual, a male mansion and a female mansion. But they’re not alone there, as some flirtatious singles are just waiting in residences to woo couples.

Would you like to follow the new 2022 Temptation Island season? In this article, we have summarized all the information clearly for you. What candidates are there in the new season? What are the broadcast dates? And where is the place?

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When will 2022 be? “Temptation Islands” season 4 RTL see?

The new season of Temptation Island was originally broadcast online only at RTL+ on air. Now new episodes can also be seen on free-to-air RTL TV. New episodes air on TV from June 18. every evening from Saturday to Sunday.

Temptation Island Season 4 Air Dates RTL+

After the latest release of Temptation Island, initially only on RTL+ has been seen, twelve new episodes can now also be seen on RTL TV. In addition, there will be a thirteenth episode where the candidates will meet again.

Episodes are broadcast nightly from Saturday to Sunday after midnight – we always use Sunday as the date here. These are the broadcast dates RTL look:

  • Episode 1: 19/06/2022, midnight
  • Episode 2: 19/06/2022, 1 hour
  • Episode 3: 06/26/2022, 0.50am
  • Episode 4: 07/03/2022, 01:35
  • Episode 5: 07/10/2022, 0.55am
  • Episode 6: 17/07/2022, 01:30
  • Episode 7: 24/07/2022, 1:30am
  • Episode 8: 07/31/2022, 01:35
  • Episode 9: 08/07/2022, 1.30am
  • Episode 10: 14/08/2022, 1:30am
  • Episode 11: 8/21/2022
  • Episode 12: 28/08/2022
  • Episode 13: 9/4/2022 (Reunion Episode)
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Temptation Island 2022: This is the location for Season 4

TV format Temptation Island 2022 will be produced by Banijay. Last season, season 3, was filmed on location in Croatia. In the new season, four pairs and singles go to Greece. In Season 4, contestants can let the sun shine on their bellies as usual.

Transmission and Repetition”Temptation Islandin 2022 – Season 4

How are you doing Repeat and broadcast in 2022. “Temptation Island” on TV or stream? In the fourth season of Temptation Island, it was again the case that the episodes were originally broadcast exclusively and for a fee. RTL+ should have been visible. As with previous seasons, new episodes will now be broadcast on free-to-air TV RTL transfer. Season 4 is on free TV from June 18 RTL see.

In addition to the current first TV show RTL Nothing is reported about the replay on TV. However, all episodes of Season 4 and all previous seasons of Temptation Island are available on the streaming service RTL+ available.

Temptation Island2022: These couples are in Season 4

In the new season, four couples take part in a relationship challenge and test their partner’s loyalty. Also, Season 4 will feature flirtatious singles trying to get couples moving.

It’s them Temptation Island 2022 Candidates:

  • Elli (25) and Credo (25)
  • Gloria (28) and Nikola or Niko (25)
  • Jessi (21) and Abdu (22)
  • Michelle (23) and Marc-Robin (26)

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