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“Beat the best” will be in the third round in 2022. Here you can find out everything about air dates, TV coverage and streaming, games, winners and repeats of the show.

The format is “Apply…” to the address ProSieben still very popular. In addition to the original Beat the Raab, Beat the Star has also taken hold, and now Beat the Best. So, it seems that contests with mini-games are very popular with viewers.

Nevertheless, sometimes it is necessary to change the concept of the program. Same with the new season of Beat the Best. Although the first two seasons of the show were basically the same as Schlag den Raab only without Stefan Raab, the third season changed a bit. There are not only two candidates competing against each other, but the winner of the previous game always competes against one of ten other candidates of his choice. The round starts with the winner of the last round, and in the case of the first episode of the new season, it is cemetery gardener Björn Beinhorn, the last winner of the second season. The prize to be won has also changed. Instead of a sum of money as the overall prize, each round now includes a game for a high-quality prize.

Want to know when you can catch the third season of Beat the Best? Then you are right here. We will keep you all updated on the air date, broadcast and past winners of the show.

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Beat The Best: Air Dates 2022 December

The latest season of Beat the Best is slightly shorter than its predecessors. In general, new episodes will only show two air dates. They were only filmed at the beginning of December and will not be available until a few days later television to be seen. The episodes will air at 8:15 PM in prime time.

This is how it will continue from Friday, 2022. May 20

  • Series 1: in 2022 Thursday, December 8
  • Series 2: in 2022 December 15, Thursday

Beat the Best 2022 broadcast on TV and stream

The original format of the show was based on the classic Schlag den Raab. This one had ProSieben-Created icon by Stefan Raab. Like its role model, the show Beat the Best. ProSieben on air.

Or you can also watch the latest episodes of Beat the Best website ProSieben or live streaming Joy’s to pursue

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Beat the Best 2022: Competitive Format Games

The games in the series are based on the original games. Like Schlag den Raab, Schlag den Beste also selects competition disciplines from sports, knowledge, skill, tactics and luck. However, unlike the original, the Beat the Best games are not played outside. There are no very exotic games that have race tracks or anything like that.

What exactly will be played is not known in advance. Neither the spectators nor the candidates know what games await them. Only during the show will the name of the next game be announced, after which the reigning “best” will be able to choose an opponent. If he wins before that, he keeps his position, if he loses, he has to give it to his opponent.

Beat the Best 2022: These are the winners from previous seasons

The winner of the first episode of the first season of Beat the Best caused a small sensation: student teacher Robin Schmidt. Because he was also the winner of the second, third and fourth episodes and managed to win the entire season. But that’s not all, he continued the second season exactly as he started the first season. It wasn’t until the second episode of the second season that he was finally stopped.

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Another winner, Hendrik Wedderien, then managed to…

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