Amazon Prime: Million Dollar Budget For The Boys! How much does one episode cost?

Amazon Prime’s superhero series The Boys is currently racking up a slew of awards, including multiple Critics’ Choice Super Awards. The show was even nominated for several Emmy Awards.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to fans of the series. After all, “Boys” convinces with an original script, deep black humor and unforgettable moments of shock. In addition, there are high-quality scenography, creative costumes and impressive special effects. But all of this can cost a lot of money on Amazon Prime.

One episode of The Boys on Amazon Prime costs more than 11 million

“Berniukai” is appreciated by the audience primarily for its shocking, bloody, funny and at the same time extremely intense performance. Even if some critics find the humor a little too shallow at times, the Amazon Prime production itself has a lot of work and a much bigger budget behind it.

According to BuzzFeed, the first season alone brought in $11.2 million for the streaming service. With a total of eight episodes, Season 1 cost a whopping $89.6 million. But Amazon Prime’s investment seems to have paid off. The series is an instant hit with viewers, and the streaming service is even increasing its budget for the upcoming season.

Amazon Prime adds millions to ‘The Boys’ budget

The additional millions are said to have flowed into actor salaries, visual effects, and the creation of stunt scenes. Showrunner Eric Kripke revealed in an interview with Collider 2020: “They increased our budget a little bit.” It’s not known how much an episode of The Boys costs now.

But in the end, it shouldn’t play too much of a role for society. What matters is the final product, which can only be good if the cast and crew are given enough time to flourish. And as you know, time is money. “Epics are not just images; I think this season the emotions are a little more epic and the actors just need a little more time,” Kripke said of Season 2 at the time.

Top 10 candidates for the entire season at a glance

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And the concept seems to be working. Because: 2022 in June, the series was renewed for another season. Season 4 began filming in August. Unfortunately, new episodes are not expected to be released until 2024. at the beginning Anyway, it took two years for season 3 to be released.

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