Amazon’s announcement for new episodes of The Boys is crazy

The remarkably successful Amazon series “Boys” is launching its third season. There is also an official announcement to be seen, which increases the wait.

I am 3. 2022 June it’s time: then new episodes begin “Boys” employees 3. There are three episodes at the beginning, and the remaining five appear every week. Anyway, the fans waited long enough. The waiting period associated with the pandemic made them feel as if they were being tortured. The first announcement in early March made it clear that the series only really appears when it comes to madness, violence and harsh humor. The official announcement just released also reveals the first fragments of the story:

In terms of action, Season 3 goes smoothly with the events 2 seasons From Boys to: Vought International must restore Homelander’s (Antony Starr) reputation after Stormfront (Aya Cash) was unveiled as a Nazi bride. Added to the public relations tour, Homelander has to keep apologizing for her relationship with her. He may be super, but he’s “just human,” the leader of the Seven justifies. But he’s not really a man, he’s not even a man at heart. Worse, he goes crazy every day.

To stop him once and for all, Billy Butcher will do anything – even take drugs that temporarily turn him around. Not only Starlight (Erin Moriarty) but also Queen Maeve (Domonique McElligott) stand by the boys. They are all linked by a common hatred of the unpredictable Homeland. And then there’s Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles), the legendary leader of Seven’s predecessor Payback.

South by Southwest presenter Eric Kripke hinted that the first ten minutes would be the top of the entire whale scene in Season 2. This is definitely an ad.

Where did the cult squadrons go? WOOOOO?

Boys season 4 is already under construction

“Boys” is one of the few shows that has managed to grow from season to season, giving its ever-growing circle of fans what they expected – and more. How long can you keep such a spiral up? We don’t know that. But we know the creators of presenter Erico Kripke have enough material for season 4 together. Filming is scheduled to begin later this year.

You can stream The Boys on Amazon.

Are you waiting for the new episodes of The Boys season 3? Then wait a moment to test your knowledge of the Amazon series:

Boys Quiz: How well do you know the Amazon Superhero series?

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