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Olivia’s former lover on Netflix’s Anatomy of a Scandal accuses James Whitehouse of raping her. All about the series in the series guide.

Anatomy of a scandal

Scandal Anatomy (Source:

Inside the consortium Netflix.– James Whitehouse, a former representative of the anatomy of the scandal Anatomy, is accused by Olivia of raping her. The scandal jeopardizes not only his career but also his marriage to Sophie.

“Anatomy of a scandal” in the stream

Because Scandal Anatomy is Netflix’s original, the series can be viewed on this broadcast service. Broadcasting on free or pay TV is unlikely.

Scandal Anatomy: A Guide to Seasons and Episodes

Rep. James Whitehouse’s novel hits the press and causes a scandal, but his wife Sophie supports it. But it gets worse later: former James lover Olivia accuses her of being raped. Whitehouse is taxed. This process jeopardizes James’ career and his marriage to Sophie.

Anatomy list of scandal episodes

1 season

Consequence German title original name first ventilation
1×1 1 episode 1 series 2022 04 15
1×2 2 series 2 series 2022 04 15
1×3 Episode 3 3 series 2022 04 15
1×4 4 series 4 series 2022 04 15
1×5 Episode 5 5 series 2022 04 15
1×6 6 series 6 series 2022 04 15

Scandal Anatomy: Actors and Actors

Miniseriale plays Sienna Miller (“Bridge 21”) as Sophie Whitehouse, Michelle Dockery (“Downton AbbeyAs Prosecutor Kate Woodcroft, Rupert FriendHomeland“) as James Whitehouse, Naomi Scott (” Charlie’s Angels “) as Olivia Lytton, Josette Simon (“Broadchurch“,”The girl’s experience“) as Angela Regan and Joshua McGuire (Cheaters, Lovesick) as Chris Clarke.

We also see Jonathan Coy as Aled Luckhurst, Geoffrey Streatfield as Tom Southern, and Jonathan Firth as Richard.

Scandal Anatomy: Production

The series is a screen adaptation of Sarah Vaughan’s novel of the same name. She acted as an executive producer. David E Kelley (“Revocation“,”Big little lie“,”Ally McBeal“,”Galijotas“) and Melissa James Gibson are the CEOs. The six series were directed by SJ Clarkson and scripted by Kelley and Gibson. Production began in late 2020 in Oxford, England.

Scandal Anatomy: Alternatives

If you like “Anatomy of the Scandal”, you should also look at the series “Part of it“,”she knows about you“and”Afera“Throw.

In Her Part, Andy’s life turns upside down as she learns the truth about her mother. “She Knows About You” is a novel by Louise and her boss David that leads to impossible lies and dark secrets. And at Afera, writer Noah Solloway and waitress start …

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