And how about the future of Fürstenhof?

Trainee Josie is currently fighting for the heart of CEO Paul. Nevertheless, fans are already interested in the success of the 19th season of “Storm of Love”.

It may take some time for the current dream couple in Fürstenhof to reunite, but not all romantics can be sure soon enough whether 18 seasons a sequel dedicated to butterflies in the stomach of fans of “Love Storm”.

Will there be a 19th season of “Love Storm”?

In recent months, there have been repeated voices calling for the cancellation of a successful telenovela. The series is just too expensive according to reviewer Kai-Hinrich Renner. If funding cannot be resolved otherwise, an alternative program should be found confirmed program director Christine Strobl. But for now, loyal viewers can easily breathe: As reported by DWDL, “Storm of Love” as an ARD afternoon series will remain with us at least until 2023. end. Since the season is usually televised for about a year, the 19th season is real.

However, it is questionable whether the heartbreaking stories at Fürstenhof will continue in 2024. ARD will already be testing the replacement program during the 18 summer break. From 2022 July 25 Sturm der Liebe will leave Team Hirschhausen in three or four weeks DWDL).

When does the first season of Love Storm 19 begin?

the sea Press portal The “Storm of Love” will be extended to 180 series. If you want to find out what love stories Fürstenhof still has to offer in season 19, you can The beginning of 2023 turn on as usual at first. However, no start dates have been set for the new series. When the scheduled episodes can be seen depends largely on how long the current dream couple, consisting of Josie (Lena Conzendorf) and Paul (Sandro Kirtzel), has to say yes. As the audience at Sturm der Liebe is well aware, this may take a while …

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“Storm of Love” Season 19: What is a new dream couple?

Josie is currently trying to win the heart of Paul, CEO of Fürstenhof. As soon as the wedding bells ring according to the tried and tested tradition of “Storm of Love”, the new dream couple of the 19th season should be real. Typically, the main characters of the coming season are presented as secondary in the course of current episodes. So it may not be so long before we first see the woman or man of our dreams. However, there is no such confirmation yet, as there has been no official green light for the sequel so far.

While it’s not yet clear which dream couple can melt hearts in the 19th season of “Love Storm,” you can now find out which character would be right for you:

Will Netflix secure the future of Storm of Love?

According to DWDL will support Netflix in the future by funding the afternoon telenovela. The streaming giant since 2021. December 22 shows all 250 16-season series, making it the first service outside of public service broadcasters and their media libraries to be allowed to include Storm of Love in the program. However, it is not known whether this will save Fürstenhof’s future after 2023. In addition, there is still no information on the transaction price between Netflix and Bavaria Fiction. Also, everyone involved is making sure that other seasons – perhaps even new episodes of season 18 or 19 – will be available on Netflix soon. Until Netflix and / or Bavaria Fiction comment on the future of the series on the streaming service, we have to settle for a love story between Franzi and Tim Saalfeld.

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Are dailies like Sturm der Liebe within your remit? Then this quiz shouldn’t be a problem:

Soap Quiz: Which of these soap operas or telenovels are these characters?

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