ARD debut: 2023 movies of the season

From 2023 ARD will start creating a new film by upcoming directors every month in the ARD media library and the first of January. Every month, viewers can experience a new debut film in the ARD media library, which can be accessed at any time or on the first first Sunday of the year.

From Ohio to Mongolia, from the “forbidden zone” around Chernobyl to Georgia. in 2023 debut films take the audience to the most diverse worlds. They are colorful, varied, diverse and above all one thing: authentic. Young directors take a frank look at the world of their ideas and stories.

With opening film “1986” focuses on a special place, an unreal world, the “forbidden zone” around the former Chernobyl reactor, an area that is fascinated by endless forests and abandoned villages.

The broadcast in the ARD media library will take place on January 8, at 0.05 am. the first and two days before and 30 days after the broadcast.

ARD debut: 2023 movies of the season – overview of broadcast dates, image: (c) ARD press kit

  • Franka Potente kidnaps us HOMEa first-time director here, to rural America and tells a moving story of reconciliation and purification.
  • BERLIN NOTES Stages his generation through 15 strange encounters and goes where the heart of every city beats: the street.
  • With a melancholic film CLOUD CLOUD the director discovers his visual signature.
  • With the first debut accent in 2023. WHAT DO WE SEE BY LOOKING AT THE SKY?we dive into the Georgian city of Kutaisi and discover a romantic tragic comedy about the magic of cinema, love and vision.
  • Of course, the classic coming-of-age story with SUMMER ON THREE WHEELS should not be missing.
  • BULLDOG takes us into the world of a young man living in a symbiotic relationship with his mother.
  • To AT THE END OF WORDS does a young policewoman have to ask herself what is important to her: is she living up to her former ideals, or will she benefit from a system characterized by evidence of masculinity, racist police culture and esprit de corps?
  • NO ONE IS WITH CALVES tells about the country’s youth. The film has already wowed audiences at the Locarno Film Festival and is another debut in 2023.
  • VEINS OF THE WORLD reminiscent of the great film “Billy Elliot”, now set in the vastness of Mongolia.
  • BLOOD POTa true Marxist vampire comedy, won the German Screenplay Prize for its extraordinary narrative.
  • ARD’s debut concludes with a glimpse into the soul of East Germany: GIRL WITH GOLDEN HANDS with a wonderful ensemble around Corinna Harfouch, Jörg Schüttauf and Birte Schnöink.

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