“Are you alone?” with Sophia Thomalla: The fourth season starts in December

“Are you alone?” with Sophia Thomalla
The fourth season starts in December

New candidates from "Are you alone?" and Sophia Thomalla.

The new contestants of “Are You?” and Sophia Thomalla.

© Photo: RTL / Markus Hertrich

Starting in December, fans can look forward to the fourth season of the dating series Are You Single? with Sophia Thomalla as moderator.

Wild dating continues: the new season of Are You? starts on December 6, like RTL revealed on Wednesday.

Sophia Thomalla, 33, is also hosting the fourth season of the dating show, which was set in Greece this summer. And this time, the singles have to find their “perfect match” to take home €200,000 in the end. The problem with that: for the amount of money, all singles really have to be “built”. Offers a first look at candidates Instagram account of the show.

Double episode every Tuesday

From St. Nicholas Day RTL+ streaming platform RTL+ will broadcast a double episode of the new season each week. For a total of ten weeks, friends of cultured trash TV can rejoice if the 21st Lonely– Men and women form pairs.

If you want to get in the mood: you can see a sneak preview on November 29th.


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