At Arte, rewatch ‘the waters run deep’: nature series reruns on TV and online

The nature series Stille Wasser sind Deep aired on Wednesday (November 23, 2022). All information about the repeat of “Der Skadar-See, Juwel des Balkans” online in the media center and on TV can be found here at

Stille Wasser sind Deep was telecast on Wednesday (23 November 2022) at 17.50. You have a nature series at until not watching and still want to watch Season 2 Episode 3 (Lake Skadar, The Jewel of the Balkans)? Take a look at the Arte media library. Here you’ll find tons of TV shows that you can stream online when they’re streamed as video-on-demand. You can usually find a program in your media library when it airs on TV. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all programs. “Arte” will not be repeated on classic TV just yet.

“Silent waters flow” on TV: this is what “Lake Skadar, the jewel of the Balkans” is about

Lake Skadar, surrounded by mountains, was formed as a result of intense hydrogeological activity in the Balkans. Water has uniquely carved and shaped the landscape in this region. Since time immemorial, the lake has stretched across two countries: Montenegro and Albania. The two nations were formerly enemies on account of their religion and politics; today they are learning to live together. The lake they care for together serves as a natural connecting element. There is no shortage of caves, underground rivers and other geological attractions in Lake Skadar. But the real beauty of the body of water is biological in nature. Depending on the season, flora and fauna adapt to different water levels. Migratory birds returning from the south in the spring stop at the shores of Skadar, where their resident pelicans already enjoy the rich aquatic fauna. The diet of bats includes many insects that emerge from their burrows after hibernation. The dragonflies have not yet hatched. As unruly larvae, they hunt for anything edible in aquatic plants near the shore. In summer, the temperature rises and the water level of Lake Skadar falls. Now the villages on the west bank get their drinking water from the “eyes”, those mysterious springs at the bottom of the lake. And young bats seek shelter from the summer heat in abandoned bunkers. These huge casemates, which used to protect the Albanian border, are now dollhouses. (Source: Arte, transmitted by FUNKE program magazines)

SOS - Rescuers in action on RTL2 live and on TV: episode 13 of the docu-soap season 2

Everything on TV about ‘clear waters run deep’ at a glance

Consequence: Season 3 / 2 (“Lake Skadar, Jewel of the Balkans”)

topic: Lake Skadar, the jewel of the Balkans

address: Art

Year of manufacture: 2017

For a long time: 45 minutes

in HD format: Yes

All episodes of Still Waters Run Deep on TV

You can read where and when you can watch more episodes of Stille Wasser sind Deep here:

Title of episode(s). Series Consequence Datum time Sender duration
Lake Saimaa, a relic of the Ice Age 2 4 11/24/2022 4:15 p.m until 50 minutes
Natronsee, a very special body of water 2 5 11/25/2022 5:50 p.m until 40 minutes

(Season and episode number details are assigned by the respective broadcasters and may differ from the title shown in the official episode guides)

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