Battles today 2022 The Voice: All the coaches in brief

  • “Voice of Germany” started in August 2022 to season 12.
  • The new coaches are known: in addition to Mark Forster, there are two returnees and one substitution.
  • Read here why Sarah Connor, Nico Santos and Johannes Oerding are taking a break.

Finally, all the coaches are standing by “Voice of Germany” 2022 festival! Mark Forster has already been published. He’s sitting next to two returning ones and one that’s debuting in Season 12! No double chair this time.

These coaches will be part of The Voice 2022

These musicians are the new coaches of The Voice 2022:

  • Stephanie Kloss
  • Mark Forster
  • Peter Maffay
  • Rhea Garvey

The Voice 2022: Stefanie Kloß is back

The singer was Silbermond’s leading lady Stephanie Kloss already in many scenes. Again and again she is drawn back to the red chair of “Voice of Germany”. So this year too. Most recently, she sat with Yvonne Catterfeld on the first women’s two-seater, and now she’s once again facing the challenge alone. The songs she became known for include “Symphonie”, “Something Remains” and “The End of the Circle”.

Mark Forster remains as coach

Mark Forster can also be seen in new episodes. As usual, he’ll be buzzing about promising talent and possibly leading one of them to a big win. He has been sitting on one of the red chairs since 2017, so he is starting for the sixth time. Away from the show, he celebrates success with songs like “Chorai”, “Au Revoir” or “Three o’clock in the morning”. You can learn more about the musician Portrait of Mark Forster.

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Peter Maffay participates in “The Voice of Germany” for the first time.

This year he celebrates his debut in the music show. Peter Maffay is the newcomer to the group and is sure to spring a surprise or two. After all, other coaches do not yet know what strategies he is going to use to lure their talents. With songs like “When Heaven Weeps”, “Nessaja” and “Du”, he achieved legendary status in the music world.

Peter Maffay: “I’ve always admired how many great talents choose “Voice of Germany” as a stepping stone to a musical career. I think it’s great that I can help together with my colleagues. I’m looking forward. with good music in good company and many interesting meetings.”

Wieder and The Voice: Rea Garvey is back

Another returnee is Rhea Garvey. The Irish singer sat in the red chair in the first season and won the title of winner in the second season with his talent. In the anniversary season of the show, he shared a double chair with Sam Haber. Together they managed to win again. But like Stefanie, Rea returns to “The Voice” alone. Fans love his songs like ‘Supergirl’, ‘Through The Eyes Of A Child’ and ‘Wild Love’.

These coaches are absent in season 12

Three coaches are taking a break from “The Voice of Germany” in season 12: Niko Santos, Sarah Connor and Johannes Oerding.

Johannes Oerding addresses his fans on Instagram.

Johannes Oerding shares the innovation with his followers on Instagram and explains what his 2022 is. on the agenda instead of “Voice of Germany”:

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“This summer we’re embarking on our biggest headlining tour to date, and I’m focused on creating and releasing new music. I’m so excited to share it all with you!”

At the same time, he is happy about his time on the show and thanks the other coaches: “I leave with a laugh and a tear in my eye though – my time at TVoG has been an amazing journey with my fellow coaches. […]”Of course he’s thinking about it Sebastian Krenzthe talent with which he took victory in 2021.

Nico Santos goes on tour

Nico Santos is also very busy in the summer. During his tour, he visits many cities in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg. So if you don’t want to be without your favorite coach, you have the opportunity to hear him play live right next to you.

Moderator Lena Gercke is absent

Sarah Connor, Nico Santos and Johannes Oerding are not the only ones missing from The Voice of Germany. Showrunner Lena Gercke also addressed her fans on Instagram and explained why she won’t be there for the upcoming season. Although the decision was very difficult for her, as she enjoys working on the show as a presenter with her moderating partner Thore Schölermann, she has to focus her professional attention on her company LeGer, as she explains in her post.

“With the founding of LeGer GmbH,…

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