Bauer is looking for a woman internationally: Rudi shows what she really is

Rudiger from South Africa.


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In Bauer sucht Frau International’s third season of Series 4, Rüdiger from South Africa is spending time with his waiting ladies.

Finding love on TV is what many German farmers have been wanting for 18 years. However, German – speaking farmers from all over the world have been able to use Amor and Leader Inka Bausė looking for a partner for life. Fourth seasonThe farmer is looking for a wife International ”and the first difficulties and emotions are already arising. (This article was published on April 29, 2022.)

For example, at Heart eater Justin from Alsace. The Frenchman was spoiled in the 1st series – five potential waiters came to see him in person as part of Bauer sucht Frau International. Finally the horse decided to invite two ladies for a weekbut special the lady did not always ease Justin.

The farmer is looking for a woman internationally: this is how Hofwoche started for Rüdiger

For coffee farmer Félix from Peru, the start was even more difficult. Not only, that the farmer had to put up with a severe failure from the very beginning. Also he struggled with the fact that Lady Simone did not feel expected. One of the reasons for this was that Féliks 3 did not prepare breakfast for a guest of the Bauer sucht Frau International series, and Simone was only available on request.

The Rüdiger from South Africa is completely different. From Member of Bauer sucht Frau International personally brings her ladies Martina and Christine coffee to bed and collects points directly. Thanks: Hugs and good words. After all, the two chosen ones also have their own luxurious guest room with a water bed to make them feel good.

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Bauer sucht Frau International: feeding chickens to queens waiting for Rudiger

In general, the positive mood initially includes the farmer Rüdiger from South Africa – everyone is gradually thawing by feeding the chickens. The passionflower grower and his ladies have a little water fight at the fountain during the heat and everyone is wet. Waiting and Rüdiger giggle and the farmer enjoys physical progress. – You can get a little closer with such jokes.

Also, waiting for Christine is in a good mood. Her conclusion about feeding chickens: the atmosphere is great, and when Rüdiger is in his element, with his chickens and vegetables, the 51-year-old feels, “Then the masks fall on him and he’s as he is. Rudis, as Christine affectionately calls the farmer, is enthusiastic – his ladies took care of the chickens and looked after the animals while caring for the chickens.

It remains to be seen how Hofwoche will continue as Rüdiger, Christine and Martina. Because Martina in particular seems to be getting even closer to the passionflower grower at the end of the fourth season of the Bauer sucht Frau International season. It is clear how the situation ends – and most importantly, whether the farmer finds his great love in one of the waiting rooms. on Monday, May 2, via free TV or now for a fee via RTL +.

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