Bauer is looking for a woman internationally: Steffi is taking a giant step for Justin

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Justin and Steffi found each other in the 4th season of Bauer sucht Frau International. They have already taken a big step.

The 4th season of Bauer sucht Frau International is already in its final stages. Not all participating farmers have this time at RTL-Kuppelshow found her immense love, but with Justin Alsace, she ignited properly. 4 series has Justin kissed his beloved Steffi for the first time. In the next episode, the Frenchman has already admitted: He is completely in love – his “heart beats”. The sparks were also ‘Rudi’ in South Africa, or, as the asparagus grower says, it shook my heart.

In the last 7 series of season 4Farmer looking for ladies International“Justin and his Steffi seem to be getting really serious. Not only are they talking about future plans, but they have already taken a big step.

+++ Warning, 2022 May 16 Series 7 includes spoilers +++

Bauer is looking for a woman internationally: Justin and Steffi have taken a big step

In the 7 seriesThe farmer is looking for a wifeThere’s a slightly bigger jump in time: a few months have passed since the last episode of Justin and Steffi’s trial week. Over time, the two birds of love have been able to strengthen their relationship and get to know each other better – it turns out that the great love here was obviously due to the temporary cupid. Inka Bausė found.

Austre Steffi dares to take the first big step and moves to his farmer’s farm in Alsace. “My whole life is changing, but it’s just so right,” says Justin, a strong girl in Bauer sucht Frau International. After all, because of the relationship, she completely gave up her old life.

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Only a farmer who used to live on the farm with his parents is convinced of the relationship. To him, this big step means, “She’s the right person for the rest of my life.” Thus, the bachelor pad of the previous single takes on a feminine hue. The farmer gives his Steffi a free hand when it comes to decorating so that she will soon feel at home.

Bauer is looking for a woman internationally: Justin is already talking about wedding plans with Steffi

Justin’s parents are happy too. Sure, you know Steffi left a lot, but to meet her in her new home is even warmer. The farmer’s mother sees Steffi “as her daughter” and admires the young nurse’s “courage”. Her conclusion is, “Justin has been much brighter since you were here.” Steffi is even looking for a new assistant doctor’s job – but near the border in Germany. Of course, Justin promises to support his beloved.

In the evening, Justin pulls out a small box by candlelight on the couch, which Steffi passes on – but there is (yet) no ring in it. It’s the key to a shared home and “to my heart,” the digger explains. But overall family planning, as well as the wedding, is firmly in the couple’s plans, as the two reveal in episode 7.

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